Living With Facial Pain

Results from DBD?

Anyone tried CBD? It’s from hemp., or the kind of marijuana that does not make you high.
Medical marijuana is not legal in my state, so i have never tried that. CBD one can get at the health food store. I have started using that.
I am trying to cut down on my tegretol , and am using CBD to help fill in the gaps. So far, I have had good success. it not only takes away my pain, but it helps to relieve anxiety for me, and often makes me fall into a deep, restful sleep. (So I have only been taking it at might so far.)
Have I missed comments on CBD? Has anyone tried it?

After you log in go to the top right hand corner of the page and click on the maginfying glass, this will open a search bar. Type in “CBD” and all the older conversations about it will come up for you.

Thanks Azurelle,
I was having a horrible day, and couldn’t think how to do this.