Research: Practice Guideline for Gamma Knife in TN Surgery

The following link will take readers to one of the more extensive and current references I have seen on outcomes and practice standards for Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife, and Liniac radio surgery. It is published by the International RadioSurgery Association -- a group which we must understand has a vested interest in seeing this procedure validated and accepted widely. The 16-page article is current as of January 2009. It does not reflect or reference considerably less optimistic results reported on the TNA website. But I still believe it is worth reading for the extent of the information and its extensive references.


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Thank you for posting this, I am going to check it out. My curiousity is due to the fact that Gamma Knife failed, & actually caused the left side of my face to be in constant misery. And there's nothing I can do but keep going. If you have one neurolgoical disorder, it's not unlikely that more will come. Between my arm, migraines, TN, & now this I feel like I should be studied!

II don’t know if my Gamma Knife has failed my i have been in so much pain since. To the point that for 3 days I couldn’t open my mouth, couldn’t east or drink. Swallowing my own saliva was torture and having to take my meds was horrible. Today is better becaue my neurologist changed all my med. It’s been 2 months since the gamma Knife, but the Dr. said results can be achieved up to 6 months after. I still have hope but I need to get back to a functioning working person.