Hi everyone :)

So I haven't posted anything in a while. Life has been crazy. I started having other health issues about a month ago now. Severe pain in my lower left side. i went to the instacare where i was treated for a UTI/Kidney infection. After several days of worsening symptoms i went back, the antibiotics were working so they sent me home. I called a week later and unfortuntely they sent me to the ER. Cyst was found on my left ovary and some free floating fluid in my pelvis but nothing concerning. Followed up with my OB was told that the pain was consistant with a kidney stone. But no stone was found on the CT so I'm scheduled for a colonscopy/endoscopy on the 14th and was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. We'll see how that goes. Until then I've had pretty tremendous pain in my back pretty much everywhere now. The reason I'm posting this however is that during all this time i have been anticipating a flare because I think having this back pain on top of TN would send me over but weird thing is is that not only did my TN gradually become less and less but I've actually had about 2 weeks now of no pain in my face at all...well maybe an ache here and there but nothing like what I've been dealing with. This is the first time in 3 years that I can chew, brush vigorously, wash my face real good and so many other things that i had trained myself not to do. Unfortunately I have not been able to enjoy this too much because of the other problems I'm dealing with but it's still been exciting. Another funny thing is that I had just filled my perscription for Amitriptyline because I had finally decided it was time to try meds and I didn't even take one. I do know that this med will treat some of the other issues I'm having but I going to wait to see what the procedures I have coming up find before I start taking it. Anyways I continue to read here everyday and will still be posting but I hope that I can be here for information and support with a pain free face for a while. I even chewed my cheek pretty bad because I guess I forgot how to use that side :) I was hesitatnt at first to change any of my habits because I didn't want to upset my face but the longer I went without pain the more daring I got. I'm not sure if my body traded one pain for another but I hope this is a remission and stays away and that I'll have some answers about the pain in my back soon. I think maybe this should be more of a blog but this is where I usually post things. I would be curoius to know if anyone has had a similar experience to this though. Thanks for reading and I wish you all good days to come.

My daughter is also a sufferer of IC so you have my sympathy. So many yummy foods make it flair up!! Maybe your body is letting you deal with one thing at a time; here's hoping!!

YAYYYY! so happy about the remission....maybe it will just go away and stay away.... hopefully the other stuff gets taken care of and you will enjoy totallt painfree days!! whoot whoot!!

Happy for your remission break.

I too have had a weird thing, I did not post about much here… 90 days ago I had a really teeny stroke . Still in speech therapy only.

The thing is, stroke on left side,

MVD was on the right side, 2 years ago oct.

I was at 5 to 15% All summer. Day of stroke went to 1% to 0% off and on since.

I name it remission for me. I’ve had a few breaks of remission, but not correlating to another body area…sorta!

Have you tried lidocaine before you try meds?

I hope all your issues get better!