Remission of 10 years is over. : (. 2nd MVDs stories?

I’ve just had my phone consultation with Dr Casey. It was a good 10 year remission. It’s only starting at 5%. He says if it gets worse, and I refuse meds that make me feel and talk stupid again, 2nd MVD is an option.

I’m looking for those who have used dr Casey twice or surgeon who used the Janetta procedure. Positive or not so positive outcomes.



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I used Dr James Kenning out of Temple hospital at the time. He trained under Dr Janetta. I have been truly blessed to be pain free since my surgery in 1983. Wish you the best hoping this is a minor temporary flair for you

What is the Janetta procedure?

I used Dr Casey 3 times. MVD 2010 MVD 2011. After the 2011 surgery he told me one of the pads had scar tissue growing around it pressing on the nerve. The position it was in made it impossible to be removed. My body makes scar tissue. I learned this from past abdominal surgery. He offered motor cortex surgery.

I waited as long as I could resisting that surgery. I consulted Raymond Sekula at Pittsburgh University and Dr. Patel at the University of Michigan. I returned to Dr Casey and had the Motor Cortex surgery. I regret waiting. I have type 2 TN with TN1 stabs. MC has given me some relief from the crushing cheek ache and burn and settled down the TN 1 jabs on the other cheek.

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I have had more than one surgery with Dr. Casey.
He is fantastic!

He performed a second repeat/repair on me and I have now been pain free for over 10 years!

I had MVD’s both with Jannetta & Casey. Both excellent doctors. Casey did mine in 2002 and he still responds to my email questions within a day, almost 20 years later. A true, caring gentleman.

My first MVD was in 2004, with Dr. Daniel Pieper (RIP). However, that failed, so I consulted with Dr. Casey 4 years later, in 2007. Success! I have been pain-free on the left side since that time. When my pain (TN1) appeared on the right, I had a first MVD with Dr. Casey in 2015, but it was unsuccessful. I would love to get off the medications, but right now they control my pain and aren’t too bad. Unfortunately I have a low-salt problem now due to the Carbamazepine. I know I need to circle back to Dr. Casey and get his opinion. Thank you for posting. Dr. Casey is an amazing Dr, we are lucky to have him.

Does Dr. Casey perform MVD no matter of which branch pain is in or only performed if you have pain in certain branches?