Relationship between high blood pressure and TN?

My husband was recently diagnosed with TN. He has had high blood pressure for about 5 years. His blood pressure has been in fairly good control with medication most of that time. Since the facial pain started he has seen some high spikes in his blood pressure readings. I’m guessing this is a reaction to pain and stress.

I’m curious, is there a known relationship between blood pressure and TN? Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and experience.

I am sure I read that high blood pressure may be a risk factor. But Stefanie’s link may be a later study. I’ll have to look for the article I read. It may be interesting to know how many here also have hypertension. But we know both of these conditions are related to aging.

Christine I was told I have hypertension possible due to chronic pain dont know for sure. will have to look more in to it also.

oh girl i thought i had it bad , i got married like 5 years ago

and i just started TN on my wedding day i couldnt eat ,kiss my husband ,i couldnt drink much

bud lite but it went away i didnt have it all nite thats a good tang i didnt even know

what it was but i was getting little shock in my face couldnt brush my teeth to well i thought i have a tooth ache hha!! i wish but it went away few days here it comes my husband so scared for me i just pray went away again !!

thats my experince am sorry about you girl!! love ya sister