Living With Facial Pain

Recurrent re-MVD no Teflon pls

Ø MRI in Indonesia (using very thin slices, use 3D Fiesta GE MRI ) and Singapore (1.5 T MRI) were not confirmed any microvascular compression.

Ø Gamma knife expert in Singapore says that this treatment is not my option after knowing my case (atypical TN)

Ø Radiofrequency Rhizotomy (gasserian ganglion block) was not helping me well.

Ø MVD 19 sept 2017 result for 1,5 years.

Ø Symptom appeared again (recurrent) on mid of 2019.

Ø Re MVD 26 March 2020 succeded by removing all Teflon was inserted in 2017 & cut the vein vascular which is compressed the nerve and moving away the artery a bit further from the existing location. This MVD surgery was done for around 4 hours (6 hours included preparation up to sober patient). The surgeon said that if Teflon is inserted too much then after 4 months it will harden and will even become a “Teflon tumor” that even compresses the nerves that should be protected. By using the previous surgical opening and widening it a bit for better extra maneuvering, that too will disturb the eighth nervous system. It will take 3-6 months to restore the post-operation condition until the feeling of invulnerability and body balance returns to normal. This is a difficult surgery and highly recommended done by neurosurgeons who have much experiences.

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