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I understand the hesitancy to go on an antidepressant when you are not depressed, I had the same hesitancy but I went for it anyway because the intense pain motivated me to try anything. Just curious, since I might try other meds in the future, for instance , diabetics shouldn't take nortriptyline, and who knows , I could become diabetic in the future, what other meds did Dr. Casey put on the list??? I guess I could ask him as well, but I hate bothering him. Thanks so much!!! Elvera

Did you have atypical trigeminal neuralgia? Did the surgery work?

Not sure if you are addressing the question to tiffanie or me. The message streams are somewhat confusing. Anyway, I did not have surgery. Dr. Casey diagnosed me with trigeminal neuropathy which is causing my facial and teeth and gum pain.

Tiffanie, did you have surgery done? Did you have ATN type 2?

Hi Laura,
I have type 1 TN. Pretty straightforward, a wishbone shaped vessel causing 2 compressions. Dr Casey did my MVD 6/12/13.
Dr Casey is not afraid of atypical, he commented that he has had some success. Every case is unique.
He definitely is not only rushing to surgery. He focuses on facial pain, and all the treatments possible.
I wish you luck! Keep in touch!

Hi Laura,
I had type 2 TN and had surgery by Dr Casey 2 years ago. If you scroll up in this conversation you will see more of my replies. I’m doing great, Dr Casey is amazing!! If I do have any symptoms flare up, I see my NUCCA chiropractor that specializes in upper cervical adjustments - it’s very gentle, no popping things back into place. I have bilateral TN, I had type 2 on my left side that’s the side I had surgery on. I have type 1 on my left side but it has greatly improved since seeing this chiropractor but if I needed surgery again, Dr Casey would be the one I’d have do it.
Good luck to you!
Hi Tiffanie:) hope you are doing well! You & KC were such a Huge help to me,along with so many others!! Love this group!!

Oops meant to say I have type 1 on my RIght side.

Every day…all day…if you have TN1 and don’t mind to drive or fly to him! MVD October 2011. Total relief came in March 2012. anyone needing anything regarding my experience it is burried here somewhere…or email me at kcdancerkc. At yahoo

Does anyone know if Dr Casey is still practicing. I talked to him 2 years ago. He gave me 10 good years with MVD for TN 1. But my remission just broke 10% this week. I knew 10 years or forever, or somewhere in between could be my outcome. I was on this site daily years ago. Now a grandma and restarting my career. Not sure what is going to happen. I have a neurologist that I haven’t seen much for years but I don’t know of current stats on second MVD for TN1. Thanks. Kimberly