Quick gabapentin question

Hello all:) I have a quick question regarding gabapentin. My current normal dose is 600mg a day in 100 mg capsules. However I have two prescriptions from two different doctors which I was given at different times in the last year. They were both filled at the same pharmacy. Tonight in haste I accidently took four of the 300mg caps before I realized my error so 1200mg or double my usual dose. I called my dr and she was already gone but the nurse told me to call poision control which I did and was told it will won't kill me. I'm wondering if any of my living with tn friends have any experience with a gabapentin dose this high? Rest assured I won't make this mistake again! Pills are already in a bottle filled with with dishsoap and vinegar and in the garbage!

Thanks Cleo. Much appreciated:)

Pretty unprofessional nurse, she could have just looked up in the PDR what normal dose ranges are instead of freaking you out by having you call poison control. Good idea to buy a drug book or in the least you can always google gabapentin to find a dose range. I take a lot more, so don't worry. Maybe color code your bottles with a sticker or tape, or have the one you aren't using set aside. After awhile some people have to take so many meds they end up with one of those daily/hourly dose containers that you thought were just for the elderly!

I always depend on my pharmacist… Some open 24 hours on the phone! Underutilized resource!

I once took 1800mg all at once. It made me a bit dizzy, but otherwise no real adverse reaction. I made sure not to drive until the next day just in case.

i take 2400mg per day...800x4.

But i agree with KC...pharmacists are great for answering questions like that.


I have taken a dose as large as this without ill effect. the worst thing will be the dizziness and maybe other side effects if you are not used to that dose.