Questions about the cause of trigeminal neuralgia inspire new genetics study by the Facial Pain Research Foundation

Thought I’d re-post this link.

All of us with TN should read the entire link to get a better understanding of what research is being done to find a cause and a cure.
By reading this it will give you a better understanding of where the mind set is with researchers on looking for a cure.

(( hugs )) Mimi

As a side note all sales from the tnnme site, such as awareness ribbons etc, a portion of the funds goes to this foundation for research.

Thanks Mimi-:slight_smile: it’s exciting to know about the research being done at this level. And hopeful…

Thanks Mimi, you are always so helpful with everything, I will certainly go on the link and read what research is going on,xx

Dr. Burchiel was at the Facial Pain conference in San Diego a couple of weeks ago and talked about this. Was very interesting. He said initially he followed patients for five years and they seemed to do well for the most part, but as you went to the ten year mark, relief was dramatically decreased for most. He aslo wondered about the connection of more females having it than males. (of course there are always people that don't fit in the box and have been without pain for 20 years, we had one guy there).

Thank you Mimi. Glad to read articles like this. New research and treatments can't come soon enough. I hope to see awareness among doctors as well.