Question about TN and sharp pain in right arm

I don't know if this is a side effect with TN? It's on my right arm. Really sharp pain. If any body has the same pain please reply. Also can't work with Tn. Having a hard time driving with Tn. Some days are bether then others.

I also have had problems with arm & neck pain on the side of my tn. I think its all the spasming. I rarely drive anymore & worjj is a struggle. Tge neds sedate me too much & barely work.

Hi Jean,

Symptoms of TN are limited to the distribution of the trigeminal nerve. I think being pain causes a lot of tension and that could lead to pain in other places. BUT I, and many other members, have pain and nerve problems in additional places. I don't have any answers for you but you should discuss this with your DR. I actually have had pain down the side of my neck and down my arm for longer than TN. I do have a bulging disc at C5-C6 which could attribute for some of the areas of pain I have but I am having increasing pain and nerve problems in other areas as well.

I have noticed in forums that a lot of TN sufferers also have neck problems. My Dr will not link the two together but it makes sense to me that they are connected.

Physio and acupuncture have helped a lot with the arm pain and I am currently exploring different possible causes and treatments.

Keep asking questions and push for treatment and answers.