Question about MVD operation

Hi All,

I have the operation next week week and have the following questions:

- How much time for the operation?

- How much time in the hospital?

- How much time to recover from the operation (when can you start to drive, work, etc.

- When do you know if the operation is successfull or not?

- How big is the hole they do to access the nerves?

- How big is the scar after the operation?

Thanks for your answer.

Hi noware,

~ operation typically lasts on average 3 hours but can be longer.
~ hospital stay varies 2-5 days, longer if complications.
~ recovery depends on the individual, “they” say 4-6 weeks on average BUT it can take 6 months to a year to be fully recovered from the surgery. I am 10 weeks post op, I drive short distances, long ones affect the pressure in my head and then I need a nap, it’s too much for me right now. Very individual recovery times.
~ most know as soon as they start to wean off the meds.
My TN was med resistant so I knew within a few days but pain did return after I weaned off 2 out of 3 of my meds, BUT that was because the nerve is still healing. I added back two pills and I’ve been pain free since. Before mvd I was in constant 6-10/10 pain. I’m pain free and waiting until July to wean down my Tegretol.
~ in my case the hole was the size of Canadian dollar coin, which is a little bigger than a quarter.
~ I will attach a photo of my incision the day after my surgery.

All the best of luck to you! If you haven’t already down so. Read through past discussions in the MVD group to read of many personal experiences and see incision photos and tips for how to prepare.

Positive thoughts! Mimi
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thanks for your answer.

My actual treatment is 3xTegretol 400 LP/day and 3xGabapentine 800 mg/day

It is ok for the pain during the day but I can't bear it anymore during the night. The pain wake me up almost at the same hour (6AM).

I can't put my face on the right side because of the trigger zone... Already removed 2 teeth thinking that the pain was from it...

I have big hopes in this operation.

Hi there,

I could not sleep threw the night when the doctor put me on gabapentin. The pharmacist suggested a better way to take my meds and it worked for me.

I took 3 doses of gabapentin at 8AM, NOON, 4PM and then my entire dose of Tegretol at 8PM. The tegretol is extended released and I would get up to 10 to 12 hours relief on it so I could sleep right threw the night. Gabapentin only lasts in the body for 4 to 6 hours. The pharmacist said to keep an even amount of meds in the body is key. So I now have alarms clocks and cell phone set to do this.

Please check with your doctor and pharmacist to see if this might work for you.

Wishing you a good nights sleep


PS I am waiting to get the call for my MVD some time this summer too.

#1 - much of this depends on the expertise of your TN surgeon. I had the best on the planet - your results may vary! But as you will see - was not perfect despite the good odds I had. The other unknown is your anatomy , that + your surgeon's skills will make variances on this list.

I was done in 2 hours --- 2 compressions treated.

1 night in ICU

1 night in regular room

Since I was out of state - I stayed 1 night extra locally because I didn't want to leave the area in case of immediate CSF leak.

My surgeon said you can do ________ when your body is ready - don't push it. I think driving was 2-3 weeks. Some do sooner - but I was not about to take any chances more than needed.

My operation was 100% successful till week 11. Then 5% pain came back for 2 months (went back on meds) - then got off meds - NO PAIN for one whole year. THEN intermittent 5% pain from month 15 thru 18 now...... comes and go twice a week. So was it successful - yes in the big picture. Many people have a second MVD within months - 3 years - 10 years.

BUT I would not have gone back to insist on another one because have researched it takes ONE FULL YEAR for everything in your head to settle down. Lidocaine patches and cream help me thru the minor set backs.

Hole - size of a half dollar I think - My scar is shorter than MANY here - about 4 inches right behind my ear and my long hair covers it now.

Keep asking!


I had a top known neurosurgeon but it was a teaching hospital and the surgeon had a resident do the procedure without my knowledge so, my outcome was; 4 hour surgery mine was over 8 hours; 1 night in ICU mine was 2 nights. You are supposed to go home within 3 days postop but I was a week in a half. I couldn’t drive for 3-4 weeks and went back to work at 5 weeks later. My results were due from a damaged nerve in the MVD. I am now left with Anesthesia Dolorosa.

This is a rare side effect but I can tell you it does happen!! Praying for your surgery to go well.

Hi All,

Many thanks for your answer. It really makes me more confident now.

Cest a peu pret une peuce.

(( hugs )) Mimi