PRP for facial pain

I’m the test patient in Regenexx’s blog on a new treatment for TN. Using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) while still in the trial, I’m pain-free after two treatments…

Wow! That’s really exciting results!

Do they have any thoughts as to how long the treatment may last?

Sharon from ModSupport

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No, I’m the “test patient”. We are in the trial and waiting for results. They hope a long time before having to repeat the PRP. So far a month without pain. I’m filled with hope.

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How wonderful to be having a new treatment. All the very best to you! Keep us posted down the track. Thanks for sharing. Regards WW

Have a visit with my doctor next week. Wish we new how long this will last. So far, I’ve gone a month without any pain. When the pain returns, I will have another PRP treatment. Very excited about the outcome. First time in a long time that I have hope for a normal life.

Wow, NonnaJoanne, that is incredible! Make sure you keep us up to date with how your treatment’s going.

How did you get so lucky as to become the trial patient? Did you read about it somewhere? Is your doc a researcher?

We’re so glad that you thought of us after not visiting for a while. Just the kind of news we hope for!


It was a God-thing. A friend talked to one of their doctors about me and she was interested in writing a paper on what might occur with PRP for TN. I also know of several other people who have gone to this clinic for other treatments. Dr. Centeno is a pioneer in the Stem Cell business and uses only stem cells taken from the person. There is a lot of fraud in this new field.
I have a consult next week. Here is the intitlal blog. It’s been over a month and I’m presently pain-free.

Blessings, Joann

For anyone who is interested “From Jail Cell to Stem Cell” is an expose on the stem cell industry. Dr. Centeno is one of the leading experts in the industry. This documentary is a little long, but they expose the fraud in the industry and is not produced by Dr. Centeno. I knew that Dr. Centeno was a pioneer, didn’t know until I watched this he is THE pioneer in the industry. He is often used as an expert witness. I didn’t have stem cell but PRP, Plasma Rich Platelts.


Update 8 weeks after PRP – NO PAIN!

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That’s really amazing!

Sharon from ModSupport

After 3 1/2 months pain free, TN pain returned. I immediately had another PRP treatment. Three months is a good start. It’s supposed to last longer with each treatments. Will let you know how effective that is.