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Prolotherapy Stopped TN Pain - 2 case studies

Has anyone tried Prolotherapy injections for the electric shock pain?

Here are 2 case studies where prolotherapy stopped TN pain-

link 1

link 2

“Neural prolotherapy produces amazing results. It has been successful in treating some of the most difficult pain syndromes, from trigeminal neuralgia and severe migraines, to back, shoulder, and knee pain, to name a few. It has successfully treated chronic regional pain syndromes (CRPS) all over the body. It works very quickly for athletes with acute injuries, while it takes more time for the longer, deep-seated pain syndromes. At the end of an office visit, I expect the patient to be pain-free for 4 hours to 4 days, and when I see them the following week, to be one step better. If their pain originally registered as a “9”, the next week I expect them to be at an “8,” and to continue to improve until the pain is resolved. I know it sounds amazing,but any pain signal that is carried by a nerve can be effectively treated with neural prolotherapy.”


I am curious about the injection sites. They said they injected the patients along the nerve branch, but if the issue is from the brain stem where the TN nerve exists (i believe that is where the compression happens?) then why would this procedure work so far down the nerve branches?
From the link: “Approximately 15 injections were provided to the distribution of the 3 involved branches of the trigeminal nerve”.
I actually thought of getting a stem cell injection hoping that maybe there is a 0.001% chance it will work. But i had no idea what to tell them as for the injection sites, should it be along the neck? TN nerve branch? … I thought the best site for the injection would be the same place where they inject glycerol in rhizotomies but then i dont think the stem cell clinic was erquipped with the right equipment to go that far in. They do have florouscopy equipment but i doubt they would agree to do this. There is of course no evidence I could find that this would work.


Hi There, just had my second treatment of prolo/trigger point/ nerve block. I had injections at various points around my eye (experiencing serve pain there); several points in my jaw/check area. Then had several points done in my neck from c1 to C4. Several spots along my MVD scar as it is still painful after 3 years. Finally a few spots along my trapezius, top of shoulders.

Yes it hurts, but the doc is fast. Yup, you get few weeks pain free, unfortunately not long enough to come off any drug. But I will be doing this every 8 weeks for the next year to see how it works. It is option, as the docs are out of ideas for me.

I tried Prolotherapy for my TN Type 2 pain. I had several sets of injections over a four month period. Unfortunately it did nothing to help my facial and neck pain.

for the people who have tried prolotherapy, why not try stem cell injections? If I had money i would give it a chance! i dont know if anyone on this forum has tried it.
But usually the places that do the stem cell injection also do prolotherapy.


My wife has TN. She has not tried this therapy, but we have found that after enough years, you become very open minded. She did try MVD sometime ago. Worked beautifully for 8 months, then she went in to get some dental work done and the TN came back with a vengeance. That was several years ago. Right now though her pain is very, very manageable; she can sleep, talk, fully function, and even usually eat without much pain. She is not on pain medication. Hard to know with TN what is working, but something has certainly changed recently. Here is what she has done prior to the pain receding dramatically. Again, hard to know what of these, if any, made the big diference:

  1. We have long suspected a virus could be attacking her nerve, especially a strand of herpes virus. She recently got on a strong anti-viral to deal with that.
  2. Stress is an enormous trigger. She has made major lifestyle changes to remove the stressors that can be removed, and is learning to not worry so much about the stressors out of her control.
  3. She pays very, very close attention to what she eats. If she starts feeling any pain when eating a particular food, she immediately stops eating that, and eats something else that does not cause pain.
  4. About a month ago she did scrambler therapy. After a session the pain would be greatly reduced, but would slowly come back. We thought the therapy was not going to end up having much of an impact, but since returning home from the clinic the pain has continued to be much, much reduced. If the pain does come back, one of the first things we’ll do is go in for a couple of ‘tune up’ sessions.
  5. Lastly, we keep our faith. Prayer is a big part of our calm and peace of mind.

We do not believe there is any one source of TN. Anything irritating the T nerve can cause it. That’s why one thing works for one person, but not another. We keep working at it. It’s been 6 years that have sometimes been very, very challenging. We’re in a good place right now though, and very grateful for it!