Progression of TN

Does anyone have any resources or know how to find information on the progression of TN? Like if they know why it gets worse, what gets worse, what you can do of anything. Please help. Thanks.


Have you read the book "striking back" by Dr. Ken Casey....? Order it ASAP

its our "bible" here

It is in and out of remission - the longer that goes by it is less remission you get

- it is progressive, worse as time goes by. There is no cure.

I'm so sorry, please read as much as you can on Topical Face Meds, and everything you can learn about

The more you stress the more pain...... the more pain... the more stress...

I've had MVD surgery 2 years ago and am now at no pain ---- most likely - if lucky 5-10 years will have to do that again.

The faster you learn, the better you will have best chances --- BEST doctors is number 1 help beside educating you.

We are here almost 24 / 7 !


Thank you for responding is the problem I am facing as far as gathering more specific information as far as the progression of TN. See, when this disease started for me back in 2003, I did purchase that book. I ended up having to move back home due to additional chronic illnesses and now it is in a pod where I can't access it. I am hoping to purchase it again. It's just that I have surgery in 10 days and was just looking for validation but no biggie just a shot in the dark!!! Thanks for the advice!!!


Ohhhh yeah - forgot --- I was there once -! I was freaking out day and night and coming on here freaking out more -!

You need to ask any last min. questions to your surgeon to get some support if needed. You are already almost in the home stretch! Many people cannot do the MVD because of no insurance, or they have anatomy that will not help MVD, etc..... consider yourself lucky if the chance happens that you even get most of pain in its track to stop.

I might also consider have any of your docs ask you for a few days of "chill pill" benzos so that you can relax more.... just tiny meds that will slow your nerve system down and your worry!

I had MVD story:

11 weeks no hurt after my MVD

Week 12 - low dose back on meds--pain was 20%- I was depressed so much!

Then 3 months later after that - no meds - no pain for a year!

Then 5 months ago this year 5% of pain came back -- fixed it with lidocaine patch med. on my face

Then - I had a little stroke a month ago on THE opposite side of MVD --

and the 5% TN I have been living since March is GONE -- so now remission again --- its a crazy game!

Where are you ? UK? What is a pod?