Pressure points

My partner has researched some pressure points, the first two that she tried were on the eyebrow, just in that slight dip 2/5ths out from the nose side and the other just out from the nostril, above the lip, where the cheek meets, these are the points where the V1 & V2 branches exit the skull to sense skin & muscle responses, these helped her get some relief with milder episodes, they are less effective atm, but the third point is just behind the ear lobe, there is a ridge of skull where neck muscle attaches, she says that helps a bit with pain with this higher level of aggravation, issue is the point is quite specific, anywhere aroud aggravates a bit, but when you hit G-spot you’ll know it.
Anyone out there played around with pressure points?

Hi Sparky1,
I have and still do use pressure points. Since my pain moves around i have to try different points to find the right one at the right time. Another one i used for awhile is to pinch the skin between the thumb and finger. I have also used the one behind the earlobe with some success. It seems like i have to chase the pain around until i find the right one. I also can find relief holding my hand to my face like shown in the picture by Edvard Munches "the scream"

Thanks for reply,
yes she knows “the scream” all too well,
when you say pinch the skin, this is in the region of the pain I assume so it kind of creates a nerve distraction to the pain response that is manifesting?
She does facial expression exageration which stimulates pain response then over a few minutes the pain dissipates entirely for a period.
Can you elaborate a bit?

Sorry I wasn’t too clear. You pinch the skin between the thumb and finger
on one hand with the thumb and finger on the other hand. I hope this is
clearer, but let me know if you need better clarification.

Thanks, got it,
She is familiar with that point & will play around with it to see if it has any effect for her.

Good, keep me informed please

For interests sake there is a pubmed case presentation where squeezing the front armpit fold, presumably on the affected side which provided instant relief, unsure if it has been replicated.

Where exactly is the armpit fold? Maybe it can also help with MS HUG. That also turns on the TN :confused:.

I’m guessing that in the armpit, you have both a front and a back skin fold, and it means squeezing the front fold somewhere. I’m just relaying Pubmed, and I don’t get it but who knows?

Here’s the full paper, haven’t read it yet so can’t give you a heads up on full content, but scanning through saw that he also got relief from squeezing wrist on pain side:

Have’t been using the pressure points much as the pains have subsided considerably, both in area & magnitude since Physio appointment, we have been doing the exercises (neck & shoulders) for 5 days now.