Pressure from inside of temple

Does anyone get this? It feels like someone is taking the pad of his thumb and continuously pushing on the inside of my temple. I'm having several other TN symptoms today, but this one always freaks me out because I start wondering about a tumor or problems with the carotid artery. I haven't had an MRI yet, so I don't get to rule anything out. My hope is others of you experience this was part of your TN.


My symptoms are not exactly like yours, but I think very similar. I have ATN (bilateral, V1 branch), mainly over my left eyebrow and the bridge of my nose. The pain on the bridge of my nose often feels like someone is squeezing and pushing the area where your glasses would sit. This pressure and pain never goes away for me.

I have that quite a bit. I have bilateral T1/2. I’d write more, but in the middle of a terrible flare up. Im experimenting with compounded facial gel Clonid-Gabapen-Ketamine prescribed by a new pain specialist.

I'm in the middle of an awful glare, too, Stephanie. Please let me know how the gel works. Nothing I'm on is killing this pain. I go to sleep in pain and wake up in pain.


Hi Flute Cutey,

I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier. I'm having terrible pain right now. I think the pressure in my temple was a precursor to the pain to come. Frankly, I'm glad to hear it's not just me, although I hate to know you have it ... and all of the time, at that.