Pregnant with trigeminal neuralgia

I’m 24 weeks pregnant and am experiencing the worst bout of TN. I haven’t h had a pain free day since October 21st 2013. The pain is just so severe, waking me up out my sleep and everything. I was just recently discharged from the hospital from dehydration as I can’t eat, talk etc. Does anyone have any suggestions that can help relieve the pain. I take tegretol 200 mg in the am and 200 mg in the pm it doesn’t work. I have lidocaine topical cream. Doesn’t work. I am now getting attacks almost every hour lasting for about thirty minutes. When will it stop???

I was exactly like you with not being able to talk or even drink. My doctor upped my carbamazepine to 400 mg’s 3x’s a day and that really helped me but with you being pregnant I don’t know if that’s possible. Talk to your doctor. Although it did take about 3 days to be pain free. But it worked. Hugs to you.

That link is for a radiation treatment that has worked WONDERS for me! I have been pain free for about 4 months since the treatment. My face is actually numb and it feels unbelievable. I am not sure of where you are located but I strongly recommend calling them and seeing if they have something similar in your area. It has been the biggest blessing of my life. I had the surgery and took the meds... nothing worked... This has so far and I pray it stays that way.

Good Luck! You aren't alone