Pregnant, on Tegretol and frustrated! And awake with facial pain

I went to go and see a new Nuro (my GYN sent me) back in May 2013, he told me being on Tegretol would be "ok" while trying to get pregnant, there was a small 2% chance of birth defects but the benefits outweighed the need to stop.

I have now changed GYN and called and got the dictation from my last nuro visit sent to me. My current GYN, scared me and told me I needed to stop Tegretol NOW. After I got the dictation, I see it was full is LIES! Saying how he didn't want me to get pregnant on Tegrotol because it wasn't safe for the baby (WHICH HE EVER TOLD ME) and he suggested I take Lyrica.

I called and asked my nuro for rx of Lyrica (as he had suggested in the dictation). I admitted to cutting my tegretol down to one pill (vs 2 daily) x 4 days. He got on the phone and told me I should be NOT be on tegretol NOR lyricia. Stop the tegretol cold turkey and I would "be fine". I was shocked and said nothing. I WISH I would have said, WHAT THE HELL??? Instead I sat a cried.

So, here I am awaken by pain (which hasn't happened in almost a year). I had been down to one tegretol for 4 days and off 100% for 2 days. I have stopped baclofen 100% as per my GYN from taking 2 daily.

If you still reading this, I thank you. I know its boring and I'm just at a lost! I want my baby to be safe (we've been trying to get pregnant for 3 years) but I want me to be sane as well!!

Has anyone been pregnant on tegretol? Or what did you take? What guidance can anyone offer!??

I tried searching old posts for pregnancy and was shocked to find nothing, I find that odd. I can't be the first one!

Hi mrs. Nelson,
I put " pregnant with tn medications in the search box and found 6 pages of links…here are 3 links…hope this helps.thinking of you, (( hugs )) Mimi

Get a real docTor to call in ASAP …prescription of lidocaine patches for face…ask pharmacist …should be safe and lessen your pain!!!

While pregnancy is here…always ask pharmacist about meds…they have THE BEST knowledge for you and meds!