Postnasal Drip & Muscus - Sinus Pain - TN Pain - Sore Throat & Acid Reflux

Are all these things related ?

I've just had a brainwave, I'm sat here with the constant dull ache on right-side of face/head and I can feel all 8 sinuses throb with pain, I also have a metallic taste at the back of my throat.

Other members on here have spoke about that metallic taste before, I've just read about Postnasal Drip and how are bodies make mucus all through the day from our sinuses. The mucus drips down the back of our throats all through the day without us even knowing, sometimes this can cause problems.

We all know about dental procedures and how most of us are left in pain for years with no cure, and we all know that some dental procedures can damage our sinuses.

Currently I am in TN pain, I also have a sore throat with no explanation other than acid reflux. I have just thought that maybe I have postnasal drip which is causing other conditions.

1. Are my sinuses damaged, are they causing excessive mucus ?

2. Can sinus pain feel like TN pain ?

3. Mucus can scar throat tissue which makes it sore ?

4. Mucus build up aggravating the Larynx and adding acid reflux symptoms ?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

I have a ENT visit in couple of weeks, do they know about Postnasal drip and sinus and TN pain ?

I have had many severe sinus infections. The pain from sincus issues is nowhere NEAR the pain I feel duing TN flares.

I actually asked my doc something similar and he said absolutely not.

Look, TN issues do not run in your sinus cavity. And post nasal drip is normal. The only reason we notice is if we have a cold and mucus increases and makes our throats hurt from all the stuff clearing.

I am not a doctor, but I have pain which feels like it is in my sinus cavity, but it is not. Its just my nerves in my cheekbones.