Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and what to do about it (16 days post MVD with just a twangs and an "aftershock")?

So it’s day 16 post MVD and nothing but a few twangs and one (albeit frightening only a few seconds long aftershock). Got the stitches out today and within a min the Dr nodded to my wife, “yes on the PTSD”…

Suppose this is normal after being terrorized by the TN pain so long day after day and now my head is filled with “did it really work? How long will it last?”

Has anyone gone through PTSD and how? Need help now

I have not gone thru PTSD, but wanted to say congrats on the MVD. From reading on MVDs and the stories of others here I think what you are going thru right now is normal. You’ve been terrorized by TN day and day. So yeah it is normal to worry about if the pain will come or if I do this activity that was a trigger pain before the MVD will it do it now. After awhile these feelings and thought should subside, if not it would time to look for help. Not to scare or make you worry more but to wonder on how long this will work to me is completely valid, as nothing cures tn but rather puts it in remission. The remission could last the rest of your life, or come back years, or months later. Nobody really knows how long it will last. I say this to you not to make your worrying worse but as a reminder of enjoy it; make the most out of this as possible for you, your family and friends. Do the things you missed and the things you thought you would never get to do with excitement. It is always such a pleasure to hear someone success with an MVD even when you feel apprehensive. So although I don’t have the greatest of advice I’m sure others here will be able to help more then, but congrats and don’t fret yet it has not been that long since you had the MVD and your still healing.

For a different reason, yes. I would work on acceptance Albee. After I was told my cancer had gone, I lived in fear every second for years worrying about it coming back. What a waste of my time. I should have used that time to enjoy my newly saved life. Worry is the thief of happiness.Take whatever help feels right and suitable for you to get a hold of this and ENJOY!! I am so pleased and happy for you.

The trauma from TN is so severe - I fully understand your PTSD.

It's probably something you'll always have to manage, but hopefully as time goes by without a pain episode, your worry will become less. You should probably take anti-anxiety meds to help with that, something like Xanax or Klonopin.

I recently went back to work and it's helping my emotional and mental state. I barely left the house for two years, and now I'm going to work every day. Since working, I've went shopping at the mall a few times, and even to a couple of restaurants. This is huge progress for me, and the more I do the things I used to do, the better I feel.

So give it time. It's natural to still be worried. You're still recovering. Just take it one day at a time.

It's so wonderful that your MVD was successful Fantastic news!

yes yes yes - - I know in my heart my successful MVD from 10/26/11 could only lead me into remission.

I have TN - I'm in remission -- It could last 15 days, 15 months, 15 years

It's kinda like an addict - you are always an addict whether sober or not.

I have suffered from PTSD - I had small scale pain in weeks 11-16 post MVD .... I thought life was over. I did not give myself the luxury to remember it takes a FULL YEAR for nerves to heal!

The meds almost tore up my new marriage. Temperarily tore up my new career. Totally blasted my IQ and self esteem.

It's gonna be a while before TN does NOT haunt me -- I figure like grieving a death, it will never go away but the PTSD will be less intense and less often with time.

Glad you are back! And do not hesitate to use anti-anxiety meds - unless of course you have been addicted in the past-- don't discount counseling- it doesn't have to be forever - just a springboard to wellness of mind.

Keep Posting -- those of us who get better - many leave here and never look back -- if you continue to share and give hope to others as you get better, that would be great

If not - Keep looking forward -- not in the rearview mirror!!!

The people I know who successfully live with PTSD have spent a number of years in counseling along with periods on meds for it. There are some very effective therapies for PTSD now, but you need to find a counselor/therapist who specializes in PTSD.

I'm so very glad the MVD was a success! Take care.

I think I have it now. Every little twinge I feel makes me on edge just waiting for the BIG ONE. Wish I knew what to tell you. Maybe talk to a therapist for a while. It may help you. ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))

thank you for all the responses, next step (wish it was nap :) for me today is screen Therapists for PSTD as well as my issues (chronic pain even though Im in remission, anxiety, depression, etc etc).

Although I am struggling very hard right now physically and mentally (sometimes I feel like I am "losing"), I do have a deep sensation that I am like a "Wounded Wolf" such that I will recover physically (from surgery ie through rehab, rest, etc) and be able to work through putting my fears/thoughts of relapse into a box and focus on the future painfree time I have with my loved ones, then come roaring back to achieve my life goals esp if I know that Ill "time periods" where I will be "less than fully functional" ie fighting TN

NOTE: In addition to MVD, Dr Lim did a "line-of-sight" Glycerol Injection while he was in there as he found a large vein but not its stronger cousin the artery. He is in the process of documenting this hybrid (MVD+ Line -of-Sight injection) in comparison with a standard through-the-cheek injection. I am patient #9. Also, note that we discussed this and agreed to this in advance. It could be very beneficial to folks that have alot of scar tissue (which I had some - still question if the gamma knife hit the right spot) and if its veins vs. arteries on the nerve.

Also, if you are working with Drs and Neurologists/Neurosurgeons that are local, recommended by friends/family, etc, I STRONGLY encourage to you find a specialty center such as Hopkins or others as it was like night and day working with them compared to the original neurosurgeon I was referred to who performed by through-the-cheek and blasted me with the gamma knife.

Lastly, one of the neurologists recommended Mind Based Stress Reduction - if anyone has done this or know of this let me know

Albee, TN SuvivorPS I seriously think we need a Survivor Group esp for the people in the first 6months that need the most help to realize they can do this, they can fight this battle. This is something I want to give attn when I have energy (they say by 2-6 more weeks :)

(( Albee)) excellent idea! I think you’re right, PTSD is normal in my opinion.
I had my worst “episode” on Nov.29th, 13 hours straight of 10/10 horrendous pain…I would actually say it was a gazillion past ten, but whatever, I survived it ( barely) and I live in constant fear of that day…fear of that level if pain happening again…
It was traumatic,.
you started me thinking about how I will feel after my mvd…I never really thought about it before…
I think you’ve gotten some great advice! One day at a time and when you’re fully recuperated and feeling up to it, please do start that group! I hope to join it sooner than later…
I feel it would be a good addition to LwTN!
Take care of you…
Mimi xx

Albee I've only had 1 bad full on TN 1 shock and I still remember it and hope to GOD I never have another one. I don't blame you for being fearful of them you've had so many for so long. It's only natural. I am fearful of having another one of those and developing regular shocks like those. Enjoy your pain free days one day at a time. Good luck!! Min :)