Post surgery pain...What to expect

It will be two weeks tomorrow that I had my MVD surgery. This weekend I started to have on a scale of 1-10...1-2 scale pain that has creeped back. This concerns me as it seems to becoming more frequent each day.

Just curious to hear other experience with post surgery as this is part of the healing...or a new problem that is going to be a major bummer.

What time frame should one expect to know if it worked or not.

A little nervous!

I have heard patients say that after the MVD they still had little pains. Their doctors told them it was probably part of the healing process -- it takes a while for the nerve to heal. However, it's definitely worth a call to your surgeon.

I don't have any direct experience with having an MVD. I'm hoping someone else will jump in. Also, there is a group for MVDs. There's an MVD group here on the site that you can join, and they know way more than me. Here's the link:

I hope it all calms down and leaves you pain free. Positive thoughts!

Thank you Crystal