Living With Facial Pain

Post op complications


Hey everyone

It’s been one week today since I’ve had the MVD and it’s been very difficult. I find the amount of symptoms I’m experiencing are far more than I expected. I lost hearing in my left ear as well as numbness on my left side. I have lost my appetite and smells are so overwhelming that everything seems nauseating.

I had to go back to University hospital yesterday as my fever had spiked and I had some other concerns. Turns out I had chemical meningitis so I’m being watched now.

I thought I’d be feeling much better than I am and trying hard not to get discouraged. I know everyone’s different but I’m 34 very active and just miss being myself and living my normal life. Hopefully it was jst a rough week and everything will start to sort itself out.

Take care everyone.




Sorry to hear you are having a tough time. I know nothing about MVDs, but you did just have major surgery, so please be patient and let your body heal. The meningitis sounds bad, hope that resolves soon!



Hopefully the symptoms are temporary. I had double vision for a day or two and then it went away.



Hi Leckie09,
I am sorry to hear that your recovery isn’t goingoing smoothly but things are going to get better everyday moving forward.
I had mvd surgery March 3rd and just wanted to share with you that my left ear which was the side of the mvd was completely full and I felt like I was underwater on that side for the first couple weeks. The fullness subsided on it’s own out of the blue.
You are very early in recovery alot of positive changes will occur in the upcoming days/weeks. :slight_smile:



Hi Leckie09 it looks like you posted around 15 days ago. I hope by now you are feeling more like yourself. Please let us all know how you are doing. Hope your TN pain will be relieved as well as the complications.



Leckie, I am 38 and had 4 MVDs from 2012-2015; (2 in '12, 1 in ‘13’ and 1 in '15). Other than TN, I was very healthy. Unfortunately, none of the surgeries worked due to my rare case of TN. I am now a case study for the Brain Institute.
I do not care what the neurosurgeons say, it is an at least 3-4 month recovery before your body feels somewhat normal. Accept that and it will help your recovery and frustration. I was a partner in a big law firm and I tried to go back early after 1,2, and 3 to my detriment. Take your time and ease back into work. I hope that your MVD was successful and you are pain free.