Post MVD pain: lidocaine infusion or rhizotomy?

Hi everyone,

I had my MVD on 12 December 2016.
It removed my type 1 TN pain but I am still left with type 2 TN pain, which is constant.

My neurosurgeon prescribed strong painkillers and told me that, in case I would still have pain next month, I had two options: a rhizotomy or a lidocaine infusion.

Now, I don’t like the idea of further damaging my nerve, so I think I’ll go with the lidocaine infusion.

Has anyone tried this? Any longlasting results or only temporary relief?

Do you think this post MVD pain is only temporary?

I am taking heaps of vit B12 in an attempt to repair the myelin sheath around the nerve… whilst hoping the pain will simply go away over the coming months.

Any experience with post MVD pain? Did it go away after a couple of months?


Hi Tia - So sorry you are still having pain after your MVD. I have not heard of a lidocaine infusion. Infusion where? That term usually means an IV, but I would not think that would help with TN2 pain. Or do they mean infusion around the nerve or an injection into the nerve? It’s possible the pain will fade over time but each of us is different…so who knows. I would be cautious about any procedure that permanently damages the nerve, as I have read that can lead to permanent pain and numbness (anesthesia dolorosa). Good luck to you and hoping it gets better with more time.

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Hi Tia, I had mvd 1 year ago . It improved my type 1 but not the type 2 . I also have the constant deep boring pain and pressure . I would not try anything that destroys the nerve either , you could end up in worse shape permanatly. It’s terrifying to imagine, I have been going to pain clinic now and have had Botox injection in the temporal area which has helped maybe 25 % with pain and I will be getting a supra orbital nerve block with a steroid solution in a couple weeks and hope for maybe 50% to be optimistic .It supposed to float the nerve in this solution and calm the nerve . I am also on pain killers , my hope is to find some relief from these injections so I can cut back on the opioids. I’m also taking b12 to help heal the Myalin sheath, although my nerolagist told me this may be all the healing I will have😞 after 1 year post mvd . I’ll take any relief I can get with injections and I choose to hold on to hope of more healing regardless of what Dr says… Type 2 is difficult to treat but don’t give up hope I’ll let you know how my nerve block goes in a couple weeks. Take care , and I pray and send good thoughts that we all find relief an comfort from this hand we have been dealt

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Hi liz6, Did you get any relief from the Botox injections? I have had several rounds of Botox before I underwent MVD, with no success. I am also taking vit B12 sublingually, in an attempt to repair the myelin sheath. Good luck and take care!

Hi Not_Again, Yes, the lidocaine infusion is administered through an IV drip in ICU under close monitoring, as it can have some rather nasty side effects, such as nausea or hallucinations. It is meant to offer pain relief, which is probably only temporary, even though it might just break through the pain circuit and offer longterm relief, if you’re lucky! Thanks for your reply and good luck to you too!

I’ve not heard if a lidocaine infusion. I have ATN OR TN2 and am not an option for an MVD. However, I’ve used lidocaine in a nasal spray as I have continual burning up my nose. It helps a bit if the pain is a level 4 past that it helps less and less.

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