Post MVD - my incision still really hurts (7 weeks)

How are the rest of you feeling (regarding the hole in your head, I mean!)

I still have tightness in my neck, and my scalp is quite tender over a fairly large area (maybe 4" x 4" or so).

The spot where they cut through the skull (and subsequently replaced the bone plug back in) is REALLY tender, still. I can’t really lay down on that part of my head. Even laying on the couch tonight the pillow hurts that spot.

I spoke to the Surgeon about it because I felt I was experiencing some hyper sensitivity to metal. There is a small titanium plate holding the bone plug in place. I have a history of rejecting metals (many, many orthopaedic procedures where even the tiny screws had to be removed otherwise I’d get an inflammation).

He suggested we monitor it for 3 months. And if it has to come out, he’ll go in to remove the titanium. So I just thought I’d put the question out there to see if the rest of you post-MVD people have experienced anything similar?


(Other than that things are pretty good!)

Thanks and Happy Friday.


I am sorry you continue to have problems with your incision. Mine is healing well, but if you recall, I did not have staples or a titanium plate. In fact, I am not sure what they used to close the hole on the inside. I need to find that out. I am guessing it was some kind of mesh and bone cement.

The area around the incision is basically healed on the outside. The only thing I have noticed is the feeling of tightness. When I let myself get overly tired or if I lay on my left side for too long, it gets a little sore, but nothing to complain about. I know you… you know… but if it were me, I’d stay on top of the radar screen… it’s your body, you know it better than anyone else! Three months seems like a long time to me…hmmm …Now that I am pain- free, I am much more assertive when it comes to MY body and what anybody else is telling ME about ME! I think I might be what some might call a real pain in the arse. I call it being my own best advocate.

I hope you feel better and things are going well at work! Watch out for all the those wild things at the ZOO!! Be well!

~Stay free~

Peace and blessings,

So neither of you have any kind of real soreness/tenderness at the “hole” (ie: not the actual incision but where the hole is in the skull?). Sorry if anyone finds this to be too much information but anyone with an MVD knows what i mean…


Thanks Sarah.
I’m ok with monitoring it. Have had so many surgeries in my lifetime, I’m reasonably good at figuring out if something is a 9-1-1 call or not. It doesn’t seem so tender today, almost like the way you describe your sensation.
I think I’ll give it another couple of weeks. I’m 1 week behind you post-op wise, and if you’re still sore, maybe this is normal…

Hi Cat,
I also had the surgery and I had the same problems you had, however my gp gave me painkillers to handle the pain. |For months after I had the surgery I suffered from nausea and I still have pain and tenderness around the section I had my incision, Its been 9mnths since my op, however the TN has relapsed. I dont think its something to take likely, remember its your body you know how its suppose to feel.

Hi everybody.

So, I’ve given it 10 days and it feels a bit better. As long as I’m feeling some improvement, I’m willing to be patient. I can now lay my head against a pillow and not feel like it’s burning. So that’s progress.

Getting there…


Hi Kat,
I am glad to see that it feels a little better. I hope all is going well in other areas of your life! Now, I don’t want to hear any reports that you are working too hard at the Zoo.:slight_smile: I go back to work on Thursday! Keep getting there…lots of love…angel kisses on your pillow!

OMG! My incision is super sore and it takes all of my strength to not rip the plate out of my head! Maybe when I go back for the 2nd surgery I will ask them to not put it back in! Hope you are doing better!