Post mvd memory issues

Hi all. I had a successful mvd June 9th and seem to have a lot of memory issues since then. The neurosurgeon said it’s not as a result of the mvd but possibly a brain chemistry issue from the drugs I used to take for TN. I still take 159mg lyrica for burning pins and needles that I now have but that’s it. Memory is clearly worse than it was pre surgery. Has anyone had any experience with this or am I just losing it?

Hello. I have definitely experienced that as well as issues with my equilibrium. I think once again it’s something that has not been acknowledged. I had coffee on my brain for 3 weeks also. But I am sure it is from the TN

I have MVD done last year in June and if you asked me what all went on I could not tell you! It’s like the summer of 2013 didn’t even exist. They also told me it’s my medicine but I had been on the same medicine the whole time. I have pictures on my phone that I don’t even know their names but my parents tell me who they are-- my nurses, people I met up there… Like I said-- it’s like summer of 2013 didn’t even come