Post MVD incision pain 2 years later

It’s been 2-1/2 years since MVD and I still have a dent and pain at the incision site. It is still sore to the touch and even seems to have little ridges or hard bumps that are especially sensitive when I touch or lay on that side in bed. When I have flare-ups of TN (type 1 & type 2) this area joins in the pain party. Could it be the screws moving after all this time? Has anyone had his happen or have any suggestions?

You should have teflon … Not screws?

I think its been too long to remain this way…go back to your surgeon or get second opinion from new surgeon… ,!

Thank you for the reply. Teflon is inside where artery was sitting on nerve. I think the screws are what hold the little plate at the entry point of the skull for the surgery. It could also be scar tissue I guess. I just don’t read very much from others about this. Anyway, it’s just one more part of this little nightmare I guess. I try to be optimistic. Sometimes there is a reprieve from it all, especially first thing in the morning. My trigger point is mainly inside my mouth, upper gum, but I also get the flashes across my cheek sometimes from wind, the cold, a hug, sleeping on that side, bending over… We all know the drill. Heating pads, meds, rest, upper cervical chiro, and trying not to let this thing define us. These are some of my tools for coping. Take care.

You shouldn't have to Put up with this ---- get a surgeon to look at you that knows what they are doing!

Can you get your GP to call in for you some lidocaine mouthwash?