Post MVD for TN-Occipital Neuralgia Need Help Please

I have TN1 and severe Occipital neuralgia since 2012.I was first dx w ON in 2012. I have the the same blah blah story as most as most and finally correctly dx w TN 2015.MVD 2016 Left side Artery and veins Then CFL hospital ICU bad exp. Dr Said TN
Inflammation caused ON.MRI shows TN successful.ON is Constant daily.PLEASE HELP. I do not have success with blocks they no longer work.I need a Neurosurgeon in North Carolina or Virginia or any highly recommended (I’m from Outer Banks Area) to do excession
On Greater/ Lesser Occipital Nerve- I’m desperate- Spent summer on couch.The Pain is horrible.

I am sorry that you are in pain. Here is a list of doctors that may be able to help you.

Hi Tracy … I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I am a TN survivor and have had MVD surgery twice (2005 and 2016). My surgeon was wonderful, and he is in Virginia, as you need. His name is Dr. Barry Strasnick, and served as the director of Head and Skull Base Surgery at EVMS. His phone number is 757-■■■■. He has offices in both Virginia Beach and Norfolk. I pray you get some relief soon from your pain.