Post MVD care

My husband is scheduled for MVD with Dr. Casey on April 3, 2014. Any ideas about what to expect as a caregiver. What was helpful and not so helpful?

I expect that I will be my same old hard to get along with self.

Mike Claussen said:

I expect that I will be my same old hard to get along with self.

What a gift!

Dont beat him over the head with a pillow… For at least 6 months! LOL

Some people like to sleep in a recliner first.

Some like special neck pillows

Make sure if needs pain meds…will sometimes need med help with constipation

I have been pain free from
MVD with casey…2 years+

Let us know how it goes!

After my MVD I had severe headaches some temporary loss of hearing on the side of my head where the surgery was done. I did what KC Dancer KC said and slept in a recliner. Laying down just made my headache worse. I was told of these problems before surgery was done so I was not real alarmed about them. Make sure he has pain meds. All these problems where gone 3-4 weeks later. I have been pain free for 4 years now.

Good luck and I hope the surgery helps.

My husband just have MVD with Dr Casey on March 5th. He had bad nausea for about 48 hours post op, a headache for about a week or so and just generally fatigued for a couple weeks, still gets a little winded but he is about 90% better I would say. Not too much to do ther than let then rest. Good luck!

90% very good!

Just have him take it easy for a while and I'm glad to hear it was successful.

Zat… Can you search in the search box for Success Stories and add yours? We need all we can get! Who did your MVD.?

Will do and the Surgeon was Brian K. Willis.