Possisble help thru cream?

I have realized that I have been on about every medication and combination of meds; right now 400 mg of Phenytoin, 900 mg Lyrica, 90 mg of Cymbalta, and 10 mg of oxycodone. Those meds are starting not to work and my doctor doesn't know where else to go. My son is a pharmacist and he was wondering about help thru a cream. Please, if anyone has a suggestion, please post. I have not considered surgery because of other problems. This started is 2008 and it's tough.

Hi. There are creams that are made through compounding pharmacies that do help some people with TN. You should start a discussion about it on the forum under Medications.

I have experienced temporary relief with Lasting Touch Advanced Therapy Analgesic Gel. Applied a few minutes before eating helps the pain to decrease enough for me to chew. It contains Menthol, Camphor, MSM, Chondroitin, Glucamine and Arnica.

I have
used a compound cream that I found on this website.
This is the formula:
6 % Gapabentin
1% Bupifocaine
10% Ketamine
10 % Ketoprofen

Apply 4 times a day.
You must use a Specialty pharmacy ( google for one near you)
My Blue Cross plan would not pay.
It cost $120.00
I could not tolerate the side effects of antiseizure meds pills.
The only side effect I experienced was shot term memory and dropping things but this did go away within a few weeks.
This was from Gabapentin.

Also, Capsician cream works well on this pain.
It will make your skin red and burning but this will go away with continuous use. I put it where it hurts on my face.
But be careful not to touch eyes or mouth. Moisture will cause burning there from cream that stays on your fingers.

Another good tip is to use several drops of peppermint oil into almond oil. Inhale this deeply several times, or apply to gum and teeth. You will be amazed how much this help.
I purchases 3 empty small bottles for this mixture to have with me at all time. Also, peppermint life savors help throat pain that I have on left side. I purchased both oils from Vitamin shoppe.com.including 3 small blue bottles with droppers.
I got the formula from this website.

Linda 99 Thank you very much for your suggestions! I will be giving these a
try. Joann

However. I do take tricycle antidepressants called Doxipen 25 mg 3 times daily with a lot less side effects than antiseizure pills.
I am still working at 66, I use preppmint for break thru pain. I have atypical TN 2

Peppermint oil

My Doctor at the time was giving up all of his patients 65 years or older. On my last visit to him he asked if I would be interested in trying the creams he had on hand for a patient who didn’t pick them up. He gave me 4 containers of “Optimal Pain Control” by Franklin Pharmacy. The compound is
KETAM./CYCLO./DICLO./GABA./ORPHEN./TETRACANE(10-B) 10/2/3/6/5%/2% cream
This compound is fantastic and takes the pain away quickly but it only takes a tiny bit. I was told insurance wouldn’t cover it and it was expensive if I ever had to purchase it. I have not experienced any side effect with it. I am very careful to wash my hands after applying. I have a hard time dealing with pain medications in pill form. It nauseates my stomach and makes it hard to get food down that will stay. I’m not sure why more doctors do not prescribe this. It is fantastic! I’m set to go in for my 4th surgery any day soon. First two were Gama Knife, (Providence Portland) each surgery lasted 1 year.
Last surgery was Radiofrequency as will be this next one. I’ve been without pain almost 3 years. Hoping for another 3. Having the procedure preformed up at OHSU with Dr. Kim Burchiel again.