Positive Thinking & Things to Be Grateful For?

I’m finding myself struggling to stay upbeat sometimes. I find too that I tend to “absorb” the suffering of others if I dwell for a while on what I’ve heard or read. I’m wondering if anyone can share some positive thoughts, outlooks, news, anything to spread some hope.

Do people manage, and live happy lives with all of this? Do people even thrive? Do mindfulness and positive thinking help? What good things can be said when someone is feeling very down? What helps?

Thank you in advance for any sincere positive thoughts.

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I understand that you don’t want to dwell on depressing thoughts. It is hard to read about the pain that others share hear, and not have any idea how to help them, or even sometimes relate to that level of suffering.

I think it is important to realize that many DO heal and move on from this, and they are for the most part not posting here. Many others find ways to cope with the pain and live their lives, it just becomes a somewhat normal way of life.

I am currently in the “coping phase”–my ATN is still definitely with me all day, but almost all the time it is at a level that I can somewhat ignore it, or use very low-level tricks such as a mouth guard or a bit of lidocaine to cope. For the past few months I can definitely say that things are improving a bit, and for that I am very thankful. I think I have also forgotten what it is like to be “normal”, which isn’t a terrible thing when dealing with chronic pain.

Never stop believing in the power of the human body to heal, and our ability to find solutions, even cures, for the problems that ail us. Never give up hope that a new cure could be just around the corner, or that things will change for the better for some inexplicable reason. Never stop taking care of yourself in every way possible.


Thank you so much, Ziggy! I am in tears here with gratitude.

it helps very much to read of others’ situations for sure, including the symptoms, hardship and all. I think I’m in a state where I have to hear that it can be alright, despite the hardship, so I’ve been scanning for those kinds of bits of hope. :slight_smile: I am so grateful for having found this forum. Thank you again!

I have been going through a really tough time lately and I was told by a dear friend of mine when I was talking about my ATN I kept using words like forever and never. She suggested not doing that and talking about today. I know this might sound silly but it has really helped me to look at only today not the future because that scares me. I also have been writting down 3 things that I’m grateful for when I wake up everyday starts my day on a positive.
I realise these are tiny things but sometimes small steps help. At the start of this week I thought I would have to leave my job I was in so much pain and depressed and feeling totally overwhelmed. Now I have made it to the end of the week and even managed to laugh and smile everyday. Try and surround yourself with positive people. It’s not an easy path to walk alone xx


Such wonderful and uplifting advice, Livinginpain1. Thank you so very much. I’ll keep these ideas with me. I’m so inspired to read you ended up having a good week! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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