PNS for tn type 2

i first heard of Dr. Brown from a friend who had seen him many years ago when he practiced in Ohio. Additionally, I inquired about him on this forum and found good information from other members who had seen him.I was very comfortable with him at my first appointment, and found his reputation to be excellent.
The PNS was offered to me by Dr. Brown after the MVD he had performed on my right side failed to relieve the burning boring pain of ATN. As I had had this pain for close to ten years, the nerve was just too damaged to heal. I had not heard of the PNS before he brought it up, so did some research on my own before deciding to move ahead with it. It is considered experimental for the treatment of TN, so there are not many doctors who are using it.
Dr. Brown is a leading expert in the treatment of TN, and focuses his practice on this disease. I have read where other members of this group had failed treatments, and their doctors could offer them no hope. Dr. Brown was determined to get me well, and I am very pleased with the care I received from him.
I hope this was helpful. Everyone has a different experience with doctors, so I am sure you will hear different opinions about Dr. Brown, but he is my hero!

Had a consult, including MRI with Dr. Jeffrey Brown in New York last week, to see if I was a candidate for PNS for my Type 2 TN. MRI showed very clear evidence of Artery compression on my trigeminal nerve. Based on that and his neurological exam, he is highly recommending MVD first and foremost, with PNS or Motor Cortex stimulation as possibilities. According to him PNS is experimental for TN and likely not covered by my insurance. Based on research, he is one of top neurosurgeons on U.S. for face pain. My question is have other members found pain relief for Type 2, given the evidence of artery compression? Thanks, Bob E.

I’ve read about dr brown. I have TN 1&2. And more. Does he recommend DREZ ? What is PNS. Have you gone to Duke University?

Hi Stella,
Dr. Brown did not recommend DREZ, said it was utilized when all other treatments have failed, Il do not think he does that. I have not been to Duke, but I know they do the DREZ procedure, and have done studies on their results

Can I ask (anyone in the know):

1) Do they place the electrodes on each nerve branch or at the ganglion?

2) Can you have one PNS that works on both sides, or do you need 2 implantations if you are bilateral?

3) Do you lose functionality of the nerve, sensory speaking?

4) Can you hear the buzz at all?

Lots of questions! Very interested!

I will try to answer your questions as best as I can. I am not sure about your question about the lead placement, but can tell yo that I have all three branches affected, and I have two electrodes. They are I olanted right under the skin. One goes in front of my ear into my cheek, and the other goes behind my ear up I to my scalp and my temple. This is all on my right side. As I have bilateral TN, ( I did have successful MVDS on my left side) I did ask the representative from the manufacturer of my device about adding leads to cover my left side if it was ever necessary. In my case, each of my leads has four contact points to which the stimulation is delivered. According to the rep, the maximum contact points for each battery is 8, so I would need another implant if necessary.
I have not lost any nerve function or sensation at all.
You cannot hear the buzz. If I have the stimulation turned up high, I can sometimes feel the buzz, but it is not painful, just a little odd.hope this helped! Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

Thank you so much. I am definitely rooting for Norwegian approval asap!