PNS and pacemaker

Hi My mom has had TN for a couple years now and medicine can no more control her pain. She has a pace maker planted 3 years ago and I wonder will the pace maker interfere with PNS? Also, because of this pace maker, she can't have MRI, is MRI a must for PNS? We are not considering MVD because of the high risk, neither gamma knife because of the high recurrence rate. PNS seems the best alternative for us right now.

Thanks very much!

Several articles I've read in medical literature suggest that nobody with a pace maker should use a TENS (external) device. I think you'd need to ask a neurologist or neurosurgeon about potential conflicts between pace makers and neurostimulators with implanted electrodes.

As for MVD being high risk, would you care to amplify on that please? MVD is still the gold standard for surgical procedures in typical TN. It's not risk free, but the incidence of significant side effects or outright failure is better than any other procedure I've studied in the 20 years I've been talking with TN patients.

Regards, Red