PLEASE HELP! Tooth extracted 8 weeks ago, now I have large bone sticking out of gum!

I had an extraction 8 weeks ago, extraction seemed to be very easy with no problems.

After the extraction the pain got worst and the whole healing process seemed slower than usual, I had several visits back to the dentist and the dentist said all is fine.

The pain become less as the weeks went by, so I thought everything was fine. These past 2 weeks the pain/ache had gone, the extraction site seems to be healing very nicely.

However! Yesterday I felt pain and ache again from the extraction site, my tongue could feel something sharp, so I looked in the mirror and was greeted with a very large bone LUMP sticking out from my jaw.

The first thing I thought was a bit of broken bone, tooth fragment, but the lump was not lose and has not broken through the gum/flesh. The hard bone is a lump pushing against the gum, this has given my gum line a large lump sticking outwards towards my cheek.

I went back to the dentist today as an emergency, I saw the same dentist who had taken out the tooth in the first place, she said the jaw bone has grown and is reforming, sometimes the bone can grow sharply and stick outwards.

She continued to say I would need to give the healing process another 2 months for the bone to smooth off and fully reform and it SHOULD shape itself correctly and the sharp lump will disappear. Then she said if the bone does not correct itself, she would have to cut the gum, lift the gum back and grind the bone down................... then obviously have stitches.

I've never heard of this before, I've had several extractions over the years and none of them developed any large bone miss-shaped lump.

The problem is, the pain is becoming unbearable. Its not TN pain, the pain is defiantly the hard bony lump.

Has anyone had anything like this happen to them before, any help will be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Kind Regards


Thank you for the link Cleo, very much appreciated.

I've been searching the net all day to find out about hard bone around extraction site, but all I could find was lose bone fragments.

I've never heard about bone forming lumpy or sharply before, and then over time it corrects itself. I cant see how that can happen, I dont know what is worst, the TN pain or the hard bony lump.

I do know for sure, I cant take anymore extra pain ontop of TN ........................ how can one human cope with so much pain day after day, month after month, year after year.

I'm lost for words, accept the human body is full of faults.

Just been seen by a different dentist at the same dental practice, was told exactly the same thing, that the hard sharp bony lump is fixed and quite normal. The bone is reforming and should settle itself within a few months, there is no infection and everything looks normally.

I asked the question why am I in pain, the pain has become worst in the last 48 hours. The dentist said that I should have no pain, he cant see any reason to why I am in so much pain. He continued to say it must be ATN, and he would refer me to the Maxi-facial clinic.

He said its not TN pain its ATN and he could do nothing else to treat me, I explained that I have only been in this pain since the tooth extraction after biting down on a hard piece of cheese straw (pastry) and the tooth got worst after the impact.

He explained that he would not have taken the tooth out, he said its ATN and totally ignored what I said about the cheese straw incident. He treated me as a TN patient and refused to take into account the biting down on hard food and the possibility of a tooth fracture, even though the other dentist agreed about the fracture regarding trauma to the tooth.

So I am 8 weeks after tooth extraction and still in pain with a large bony sharp lump sticking out of my gum and both my dental practitioners from same dental practice say its ATN.

I have made a complaint to the dental practice and spoke with the practice manager, she explained that she could only accept the two dentist's professional opinion and to ask me to wait and give the bone more time to heel, also they would refer me back to the maxi-facial.

So I dont understand what has gone wrong to be in so much pain, the last 3 weeks the pain had gone from the extraction site (everything looked fine). Now I have large bone deformation at the site which is sharp, plus tremendous pain. I'm sure the pain is nothing to do with TN or ATN, its extraction site etc.

This happened to me too. Just a few weeks ago I had a bottom molar removed; convinced I didn't have TN and it was all about my teeth. I was wrong, but the tooth was split in half so it had to go. I too healed very well and had a sharp bone stick out on the side of my gum that I noticed about 2 weeks after the extraction. I hold my oral surgeon in high regard and he told me the exact same thing you're hearing. If it's really bad they can open you up again and shave it down. My case wasn't that severe. Plus, I don't want anyone messing with my face anymore than needed. I'm 8 weeks post op now and the bone is reshaping itself slowly. Hope this helps!

Thank you CrazyLady for your input, this does give me some piece of mind to learn you also went through a similar experience.

I'm 8 weeks now and have just noticed the large bony lump, the pain had settle and I thought all was well. Only 2 days ago I started to have pain again from the extraction site that is radiating all through my head, I was told the site is healing slowly (slower than normal).

They said about going in and shaving the bone, but they want to hold of and give it more time to heal naturally (another 2 months they said). The second dentist said going in again and shaving the bone will not help my TN or ATN condition, I replied with what can happen, I am in more pain now than ever, so what can going in now and shaving the bone do ?

I was told it can take upto 9 months for the bone to heal after a tooth extraction.

My life is a living hell, how can the body do this, I feel I am dieing a very slow and painful death all in-front of the UK NHS

Still in pain 10 weeks from tooth extraction, still have sharp re-forming bone on side gum pointing towards my cheek.

Been back to my dentist who said to give it more time, she said she would not shave the bone as it will cause more pain. She said she would rather the maxi-facial shave the bone if needed, so I am now waiting for appointment.

A few days ago I went to a private dentist to ask for some advice, the dentist was wonderful and saw me free of charge and spent 30 mins examining the extraction site. He said the bone should smooth away, but normally 9 weeks would have done it by now.

He continued to say if we book you in for tomorrow (the next day), he would shave the bone as its a simple and easy procedure. He said he couldn't understand why my dentist has not done it herself, why send me to the maxi-facial he said ?

As much as the private dentist has been wonderful, he will have to charge me £150 for the 2nd appointment. I totally understand as this is his profession and he does not get paid by the NHS.

Both the private dentist and I agreed that my NHS dentist are not giving me the correct care, seems its incompetence to say the least.

I am waiting for maxi-facial appointment, hopefully they will perform the simple task. In the meantime there is always that chance the bone may smooth of itself, or I may goto another NHS dentist to register and hope they will do it.

The upsetting thing is, I pay my taxes which help pay for the NHS (I should be able to get the correct treatment) and not have to go private.

Hi all, hope everyone is staying positive.

Happy news, after what must be 3 months, my tooth extraction site is healing properly.

The painful sharp bone growth has smooth over nicely, I had no other work done, we just left the wound to heal. Thankfully I can say the pain eased some weeks ago and I am just left will some days having a dull ache, but I dont understand why I am left with a dull ache that comes and goes.

I cant separate the TN pain from the extraction site pain, to me the pain if from the extraction site but! seems to be making the TN worst.

But at least the pain level has dropped, at least I can try and live again.

It turns out my dentist was correct after all.

I now have another maxillofacial appointment at the end of September, so we shall see what that brings.

I see this is a very old post but will reply anyway. I had a tooth pulled 2 years ago- tooth 15 upper molar. Healed nicely BUT I til this day have a bump. It doesn’t hurt but if I put my tongue on it it seems to aggravate it or at least seem sensitive to the tongue touch. I had asked about it & was told same thing. No one was concerned. Interestingly enough I just had sinus surgery to remove a cyst & guess what? The cyst was sitting in the extraction site of tooth 15 in my sinus. That’s because the tooth was dead & infected & the cyst formed. When the oral surgeon took tooth out he never touched the cyst. So when the site healed the cyst healed with it. So sinus surgery was just recent & I swear I feel a little more sensitive now in that area. So I will be inquiring again about the bump. But yes 2 years later still have bump & it is sensitive if I touch it. Odd!!