Please All - Chills/shivering from roof of mouth to the stomach-

do you have that ?

please share with me your thoughs - .
i'm with that for 5 years . most of the pain FEEL dental ! . tried meds + invasive procedures (injections).

i'm now in a posiotns that i have some problematic tooth- and even about 6 (!!!) theeth in my mouth that may need Root canals.. (most of them have DEEP FILLINGS).
i'm with the XRAYS going to several doctors most of them here the story tells me all my pain is neuropathic.
but a few theeth experts do say i have at least a few theeth needing a root canal.

for about Half year - i'm hearing yes's and no's . since sensitity in thetth getting worst i have decided to try and do at least one root canal to see...
there is 1 theeth in my mouth that doesn't react to cold. feels nothing - doesn't that mean the Root is dead and it needs Root canal ? am i totally wrong in my though ?

also - very improtant for my to ask - i started having "chills/s,all inside shivvering " in my body. it was in the first year - and now getting back.
the chill feels in gums andn goes to the stomch.. like very minor panic attack - but in the theeth.

does it fit a dental problem ?

thakns all - and sorry if my english isn't perfect