Planning a vacation

I have recently started on Amitriptyline 25 mg (1x/day) and Baclofen 5 mg (3x/day) and it seems to be working fine. Since I went through a dreadful period before I got on these meds. , I am reluctant to plan a vacation. I know if I am home I can get to my doctor fairly easily. I don't want to put my life on hold especially now that I am feeling more normal but I am afraid to go on vacation. I also am concerned that my husband might need a vacation. What if I had a terrible "break through" (pain) while I was away?

i have the same thoughts. I am planning to carry my meds on board, in case i need them, with a letter from my doctor. take plenty of meds with you for breakthrough pain. I wonder if others have declared this condition with their insurance? I guess we should ask that as separate question. I dont think it would cost much to have it put on to the insurance to cover you if you had to attend hospital. I have read reports here saying flying has effected their TN but many others saying they were fine. Earlier this year we had a holiday but did not leave the country because of my fear but maybe later on in the year i will attempt it. Best wishes

My GP gave me a one time prescription for Tramadol when I first went to him with a terrible attack in October 2011. I don't know if my neurologist would give me a prescription for Tramadol as there have been several holdups at pharmacys around here in New York and there is a big public outcry about pain prescriptions. Obviously most of the public has no experience w/TN!!

I read the same thing about flying w/TN so that added to my nervousness.

Thanks for responding - it was helpful just to hear your thoughts. I will ask my neurologist for a letter at my next appointment on Feb. 20.

thanks again for responding.

Your in NY wow!! If you would like to house swap across the pond in a few years, I would be up for it! were renovating so once its finished! my husband is doing it himself as well as working so it taking forever!

I live outside NYC and my husband is structural/mechanical engineer and insists on doing everything himself so I can sympathize with you - we are in a constant state of renovation. When I had my big attack in October we were renovating the bathroom - what a job!. Anyway, it was not good timing to be distracted with a major pain attack.

I work for a government science lab and I had a visiting postdoc from Spain go to the hospital for an emergency and the 1/2 hour visit was $1800. So if you ever come to the U.S. make sure you have health care insurance!

Yes i will declare it on my insurance i know it will send the rate higher,but for piece of mind,just in case i needed medial attention for it. Especially in the US where it is soooo expensive! Which takes us back to your original question - the fear of it happening on holiday. Hope you have a lovely pain free time and can enjoy some time with your husband

and you too!