Philly trip- 5 month post MVD

Recent family stress triggered crisis. Very bad for 12 days. Mood swings, with med changes and an inability to sleep. Change in treatment plan. Upped Tegretol to 400-600 mg if needed. Maintain 200mg of Topomax. New very old med added at night similar to Benadryl, called cyproheptadine, 4 mg to increase to 12. If I get any relief from this he knows which drug he can add to drop the Topomax. If not we will try something else. Refilled pain med to use if needed. Spoke about the difficulty of treating trigeminal neurapathy and finding he right meds. I feel somewhat calmer. Slept longer last night with one pill, will up the dose to two after three days. This is such a roller coaster ride. Husband booked a trip for The end of Febuary. Throwing the meds in the bag and heading for some sun. I can hurt anywhere. Wishing all a pain free day.