Permanent disability

I just had an MVD in 7/2016. The procedure actually made the pain worse. I am currently on short term disability and will seek long term and then permanent. I am 56, hard decision to make, but I need a life and is too hard to work with the pain that is 24/7.
Any thoughts on the success of obtaining permanent disability? My 3 principle doctors are supportive of my decision, I just pray it gets approved by Social Security. Help appreciated on strategy and the timing of my application. I will use an atty as I don’t to miss any important qualifiers. Thank you so much.

Hello, I used a company called Allsup and was successful. What I would recommend is that you find either a lawyer you trust or an agency like Allsup. This disease is not a well know diagnosis there for the hearing officer will need to be educated on what the pain is like and why disability is recommended. Good luck in your journey.

Paper trail, paper trail, paper trail. My husband received his SS disability within 6 weeks on the first try! I kept track of everything and had paperwork to prove it. It was so confusing I think I just organized it chronologically. I joke that they just looked at it and said, “oh, just give it to him.” I’m sure that didn’t happen, but they had plenty to work with. Good luck to you.

I’m currently in the process of working on disability. The company I work for has a company they use to do it for me. It’s not been easy but document everything !!! I’m going for the mental health evaluation Sept 12. I’m going to be brutally honest. I don’t want to even do this. I’m just so tired and in pain every single day. I’m specifically praying I’m approved. I have to live with my daughter. She is my caretaker. Please keep your chin up and give all details! Also Christine I too had MVD and all my triggers came back and now V3 branch is coming along for the ride

I am thinking the same thing with regards to disability. I am 51. Just can’t do it. Work that is… Save everything. I have a pain diary of sorts. I am trying stereotactic Radiosurgery next month. They make a form fitting mask, zap the trigeminal nerve for about 50 minutes, and you go home. Doctors at the cancer center said that over 60% of those taking the treatment report pain free and reportedly for years in duration. Something to consider if you haven’t already!

Thank you for advise with disability procedure. I do have all of my reports.and doctors on board. Have an atty lined up, recommended and my paperwork in order. The decision at the personal level is hard but it is really just too hard to work.

Oh Linda, yes it is hard. I went from full time to short term disability and I am now applying for an extension. I am a nurse and really enjoy helping people. But we do have to take care of ourselves. Please don’t feel “guilty” in your decision, do what you need to do. I am 56 and I have had several procedures that did not work. I am not in an angry place for procedures not being effective,
i am now in a place of acceptance and learning to appreciate/accommodate… I learned quite a bit about life from the condition. Please take care of yourself and be true to yourself.

Mental Health evaluation! Really. I was surprised to see that and I find that mildly offensive, not from you of course but from the process. My life consists of work and sleep. I want more even if it means a lower source of income. I am on short term disability now, applying for an extension. I am happier than I have been because although the pain is 24/7 I can at least pace myself. Work was just so hard. Meeting with my atty this Friday. Please don’t beat yourself up about your decision. We are human. Be well. Keep in touch about your progress.

Thank you Ann. I am meeting with an atty this Friday that was recommended and I did ask if he was familiar with trigeminal. Good advise on that line of questioning. I will also Google and check out that company Allsup. It is a journey. I am in the acceptance phase which I feel I can do because currently I am on short term disability and I have the freedom of pacing myself. All the best and thank you. This is a nice, caring community for a condition that is mysterious to most folks.

Thank you Lee. Good optimism provided. You sound very understanding and supportive of your husband. Most people are not familiar with the condition and empathy much appreciated.

Hi everyone , I just applied for disability also. Im 51 single mom and been sick for past 2 years. I had failed mvd and cannot tolerate the meds any more. I have pain everyday 24/7 it’s actually getting worse since mvd at least the deep boring pain is the sharp stabbing remains the same as day one. Physically I can’t work I spend all day trying to manage pain or knocked out from the meds that are supposed to help me. I haven’t been able to work for past year and don’t see any other alternative. I wish you all the best of luck and pray we all get approved,they say in Ma. That 95% of people who apply for disability are rejected the first time they apply but you need to keep trying. They do this to weed out the people who don’t really need it, to many people ruin it for the people who so desperately need it .

Hi, I am so sorry that your MVD was not successful. I live in Canada and I suspect our process is slightly different than your. I was approved for permanent LTD status and payment with our government this past winter. My advice would be to fill out the forms completely and with great accuracy. I had the luxury of taking my completed forms to a local government office where they looked it over to be sure it was filled out as needed. It took several months to hear back from them. I was treated with great kindness and respect thru-out the entire process. I wish you all the best with this paper work and pray your pain will be minimal.

Hi Christine12
I am wide awake can’t sleep and the time is 2:29 CST. I was looking over posts and was curious how your decision to apply for disability has turned out.
They cancelled my mental evaluation and was awarded not long after.
It’s been hard but it’s for the best to take care of me.
Let me know how you are doing. I pray all is well
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