Hi Everyone,
It’s been a week and a half since my surgery. Yesterday my sister was with me all day. Even though I took it easy, I talked more than I have since I’ve been home and I ended up feeling pain on my right side (MVD side). It’s numb because the dr. pinched the nerve but it scares me because it makes me wonder if it will all heal and be over with or not. I usually only need tylenol but I still wake up in the early morning with a terrible headache. I have to get up or it will continue to get worse (from lying down). I get depressed because I want my strength back. I want to exercise and be myself again. I want to be able hug my friends without worrying that it will hurt. I want to laugh and talk and smile and feel normal. I find I still feel empty headed…I can’t remember things, try to search for the right words…could the tegretol still be in my system causing this? Anyway, I keep trying to remind myself that I was much worse a week ago and I am trying to be patient and positive. I am just pissed off today! I am sick of this…as I’m sure we all are…thanks for letting me vent.

I wish you a speady recovery. Please know that it’s ok to vent especially to us , we all can relate to this in one way or another (pain pain go away!)