Living With Facial Pain

Part 4 --- Supplements and Diet Help reduce or eliminate pain

I would like to start Part 4 of this series by apologizing to "knowpain" for taking so long to respond to the simple question I was asked; What supplements are you taking? Furthermore, at the end of Part 4, I have included a special offer for anyone who wishes.

Living With TN is a wonderful site for allowing individuals to support each other, at the very least emotionally, if not in other ways. This site is also wonderful for sharing bits of information about medications, treatments or doctors that sufferers with TN may not have heard of. My difficulty with this site was how to convey 17 years of living hell I went through, coupled with how I finally solved my TN problem to a state where I am now pain free.

If you are in a position to speak to someone, you can share volumes of information in moments. When you start writing, unless your producing a novel, much gets left out. When you can speak to someone, conversations can be intermittently---continuous as long as necessary on a timely basis. Writing can take forever as this four part series has taken me, leaving much out.

It was my opinion that to get real benefit from the supplements, more than the supplements needed to be considered. I have tried to do that with Part 1 through Part 4 of this series. Another important consideration was the combination of medications and supplements. I have had a number of individuals tell me that I am anti-medication. This is simply not true. From day one I have combined the two disciplines to the extent I could. If the multiple surgeries I had or other medications I took would have done the trick, I wouldn't know anything about these supplements I am taking now. When one attempt at relieving pain did not work, I tried another. In the end however, it was the supplements that brought lasting relief. Not medications. My take is that if this was an investigative story, you go where the facts lead. Not where you want to go. My only goal was to crawl out from under my constant pain and this is where the story went.

Working With Mind and Body.

No matter what treatment or combinations of treatment you choose, you have to work in harmony with your own Mind and Body. An example close to me which comes to mind is my brother-in-laws treatment of prostate cancer.

My brother in law passed away from prostate cancer a few years ago. When he was first diagnosed, they gave him a year or so to live. I tried to persuade him to change his unhealthy diet to one that included fruits, vegetables and nutritional supplements. He would not change anything. One day he finally told me, "Tanny, I'm a pill man." Shortly before he died, he decided to try eating healthier. While I never discredit a good diet, by the time he started it was all over but the funeral. As it turned out, he lived about five years. Would he have had any better success if he would have followed a healthy routine at the beginning of the five years instead of at the end? Who knows. Quite obviously it was essential for him to live in harmony with his own Mind and Body.

What is Nutritional Response Testing ?

The following overview is not all inclusive, nor is it meant to cover every conceivable situation that may arise during NRT. The purpose of the following explanation is to give readers some basic idea of what generally takes place during NRT.

The following explanation is as simple as I can state it. NRT works with the bodies anatomical nervous system. In some respects it may be compared to the ancient Chinese system of acupuncture. NRT does in fact use your own bodies muscle group in combination with acupressure points to determine where the underlying weakness is in the body. Thus NRT utilizes the body's neurological reflexes and acupuncture points as they would relate to a specific organ or function within the body.

The process of NRT diagnosis usually starts by checking the various organs in the body to see if they are giving a strong signal that may indicate they are functioning well. Or weak signal which may indicate they are not functioning as well as they should. If organs are being checked, the NRT practitioner will place, usually a hand on the "organ location" being checked and apply pressure to your extended arm. During this process, if one or more weak organs are located, or problems with toxic metals, chemicals, fungus, yeast, bacteria, viruses, etc., are detected, then the next phase of diagnosis starts.

During this phase, the NRT practitioner will place a supplement or other testing material provided by Standard Process, HVS Laboratories or others---in one of your hands (say left hand), then the practitioner will place (say their right) hand on the weak organ and with their left hand, apply pressure to your extended arm. This practice is initially used to determine what supplements, etc., are beneficial for that organ. (1) If there is no blockage, (2) your anatomical nervous system is functioning properly, (3) and that supplement is beneficial to the organ being tested, you will be able to resist a moderate amount of pressure applied to your extended arm. If a moderate amount of pressure is applied and your arm becomes to week to resist the pressure, then that is an indication that the supplement is not needed for that organ or may even be harmful to you.

Once it is determined that a specific supplement is beneficial, then the next phase is to determine how many capsules or tablets of that specific supplement you need. This is done by placing one or more (capsules/tablets -- say in your left hand), and then applying pressure to your extended arm. As the testing continues, the amount of supplement in your hand slowly increases. When you place a greater amount of a specific supplement in your hand than your organ requires, your testing arm will become weak. You start reducing the supplements in your hand until your arm becomes strong again. The amount of capsules or tablets you are holding in your hand at the moment your arm becomes strong and can resist the moderate amount of pressure applied by the health practitioner becomes the dose amount of that supplement you should be taking at that time.

NRT testing of Supplements for TN.

With TN sufferers, there will often be trigger points on the face, head or even in the mouth. Even if you cannot find your own trigger points, a health practitioner who understands TN well will be able to find those trigger points. Once one or more trigger points are located, then the process I described above moves forward to determine which supplements or other products being tested will work well for fighting TN.

During the initial diagnosis, the health practitioner will have the patient hold a supplement in one hand. The health practitioner will then place their own hand on the trigger point and with their other hand, they will apply pressure to the patients free arm. If your arm becomes weak, then that supplement is not the right one. If your arm can resist the moderate amount of pressure, then usually that is an indication that the supplement you have tested with will work toward fighting your TN problem. The next phase is to determine what dosage you require.

Individuals who write negative articles about Nutritional Response Testing say there is "no clear evidence of effectiveness" using NRT and have gone so far so as to say NRT "is no more useful than random guessing." If you were in my shoes, how would one process this negative information? The very tool they discredit is what has eliminated my TN pain. After two and a half years of relying on NRT, I am completely convinced of its effectiveness. Not with-standing the different rules and other items I mentioned in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of t his series, like anything else NRT it has to be practiced properly to be effective.

Nutritional Balance Leads to Chemical Balance.

If we were listening to a fine tuned, smooth running eight cylinder engine, we would not have to know much about engines to note that nothing seems out of order. On the other hand if that same engine had bad spark plug wires, bad fuel injectors, bad points, etc., backfired, seemed like it would stop running any moment, we may not know anything about engines, nor would we have to know anything about engines to realize something was terribly wrong.

The unique thing about our bodies is that a lot can be out of balance and often, we may not even be aware of any problem. The thought I try and share is that when you find out something is wrong, there is usually a lot wrong. Not just one thing. Along with many other things, our bodies are a "chemical---electrical" factory. Everything in our system functions because of an electrical or chemical function.

When we think about TN pain, what we are really talking about is nerve pain. To simplify, signals going through our nervous system are passed through Synapse, which are a structure that permits a nerve cell (neuron) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another nerve cell. Chemical imbalances in our system not only lead to inflammation which effect the way signals are transmitted and can lead to TN pain, chemical imbalances without inflammation also effect the way chemical and electrical signals are passed through Synapse. What we ingest has a direct bearing on our chemical makeup and has often been shown to have a direct effect on the pain we suffer.

We obviously are not created equal as far as health goes. Some of us apparently need more help than others. Aside from the obvious fact of trying not to hurt, what we are trying to accomplish by cleaning up our diet with food and supplements is to create an internal chemical balance which will allow everything in our system to function optimally. When a body is functioning optimally it can do two things at the very least. 1) Your body has the strength to fight off illness and keep organs healthy. 2) In the event something does go wrong, your body has the ability to bring all its resources together in an effort to heal you quickly.

You may have read about the up and coming use of immunotherapy to help a body jump start its own immune system, thus fighting off illnesses like cancer. To be redundant, part of what we accomplish when we give our bodies the nutrition to function properly through supplements and a good diet---is the home grown version of immunotherapy. Our home grown immunotherapy helps make our body healthier and better able to fight off illnesses of every kind and as an added bonus, puts our body in a position better able to heal itself if something does go wrong.

I believe this is what I was able to accomplish with the use of the supplements that eliminated my TN pain. I consider the fact that I was able to find supplements and combine them in a way that eliminated my pain completely serendipitous. For the benefit of all those like me who would probably try anything to get rid of the pain, I have enclosed the list of supplements I currently test with. Most of these I have purchased from Z-Natural Foods. I have put all the supplements into "00-gel" caps for testing purposes. I follow the guidelines of NRT testing to determine which supplements I need and how much. Then I add one more step which really follows the "basic discipline" of NRT to determine final dose of combined supplements.

Supplement list used for general testing:

To be redundant, the following supplement list is used for general testing to determine which supplements are needed. After that determination is made, then additional testing is done to determine dose requirement of each individual supplement.

Moringa Leaf Powder Barley Grass Juice Powder

Broccoli Powder Triphala Powder

Noni Fruit Powder Baobab Fruit Powder

Carrot Powder Ultimate Superfood Fusion Powder

Irish Moss Powder Black Currant Juice Powder

Yumberry Juice Powder Milk Thistle Seed Extract Powder

Blackberry Powder Goji Berry Extract Powder

Milk Thistle Seed Powder Red Raspberry Powder

Purple Aronia Extract Powder Bilberry Extract Powder

Bacopa Monnieri Powder Amla (Amalaki) Powder

African Mango Seed Powder Red Raspberry Ketone Extract Crystal

Ashwagandha Root Powder Catuaba Bark Powder

Astragalus Root Powder Chlorella Powder

Spinach Powder Spirulina Powder

Wheat Grass Juice Powder Kale Powder

Forskohlii Root Powder Black Maca Root Powder

Red Maca Root Powder Gaccinia Cambogia Powder

Fo Ti Root Powder Bladderwrack Powder

Sea Buckthorn Juice Powder Nopal Cactus Powder

Cordyceps Mushroom Powder Acai Berry Powder

Acerola Cherry Powder Camu Camu Powder

Maqui Berry Powder Mulberry Powder

Resveratrol Extract Powder Guarana Seed Powder

Cha-de-Bugre Powder Luo Han Gu Powder

4-methylumbelliferone Powder

What follows next are my February 6, 2016 test results for group one. I have categorized the various supplements into different groups for testing and consumption purposes. It is import to note how the following supplement quantities changed over the course of roughly three weeks. My experience in the past is that if I don't adjust my supplements to meet what my body requires, it has a direct effect on my pain level. By religiously following the "testing --- adjustment schedule," I have been able to live pain free since the second week in January of this year.

February 6, 2016 test results for group One:

Moringa Leaf Powder 1

Barley Grass Juice Powder 1

Broccoli Powder 2

Noni Fruit Powder 5

Baobab Fruit Powder 2

Carrot Powder 1

Ultimate Superfood Fusion 1

Irish Moss Powder 2

Black Currant Juice Powder 5

Yumberry Juice Powder 0

Blackberry Powder 0

Goji Berry Extract Powder 2

Red Raspberry Powder 4

Amla (Amalaki) Powder 0

Ashwagandha Root Powder 4

Catuaba Bark Powder 4

Astragalus Root Powder 0

Total 34 Individual testing of supplements

indicated that a total of 34 --- size 00

gel caps were needed. Using a 1/4

measuring teaspoon (equals

approximately one 00 gel cap), 34

1/4 teaspoons of the respective

amount of what each supplement

tested at -- were put into a mixing

bowel and thoroughly mixed. Then

the mixture was retested. The final

dose for Category One came to

14 -- 00 gel caps.

February 6, 2016 14 I took this quantity daily until

retesting on February 17, 2016.

February 17, 2016 7 On February 17, 2016 the mixture

was retested to determine if dosage

had changed. The new dosage was

7 -- 00 gel caps. I took this quantity

daily until retesting on February 22.

February 22, 2016 6 On February 22, 2016 the mixture

was retested to determine of dosage

had changed. The new dosage was

6 -- 00 gel caps. I took this quantity

daily until retesting on February 28.

February 28, 2016 4 On February 28, 2016 the mixture

was retested to determine if dosage

had changed. The new dosage was 4 -- 00 gel caps. I took this quantity daily for about one more week until the original mixture ran out. Then Category One and Category Two and unassigned Category Three were all retested. The supplement quantities for the various supplements changed. A new mixture was made and the whole process started all over again.

Recommended Starting Supplements

Since no two bodies are exactly the same, I cannot know what another person may require. This is why in addition to the NRT supplements Dr. Peart uses, I test with an additional 49 supplements. As an initial startup and in an effort to keep the cost down, the following list of recommended supplements are kept to a minimum. Additionally and with the exception of the ineffective supplements which I have not listed, most of the supplements listed below are the ones I started out with when I experienced my first month medication free. Before you use the following supplements, find a NRT practitioner and test with each supplement to determine; 1) Are you sensitive to the supplement. If you are, you should not be taking it. 2) Do you test strong with the supplement indicating it will be beneficial for you.

Irish Moss Powder Ultimate Superfood Fusion

Black Currant Juice Powder Noni Fruit Powder

Moringa Leaf Powder Red Raspberry Powder

Blackberry Powder Ashwagandha Root Powder

Mulberry Powder Resveratrol Extrac Powder

Napal Cactus Powder Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Warning: Test whatever supplements you take to make sure;

(1) They are compatible with your system and;

(2) Continually tested (minimum once a week) to determine compatibility and adjust dosage quantities;

We humans want results right away. No patience. It is important to note that when I started NRT about two and a half years ago, it took over three months before my pain started going down. While it is true that eight days after I started the new supplements I was pain free, I had conditioned my body with the proper dose of----the supplements I was testing with and taking from Dr. Pearts office for more than two years. In other words my body was apparently conditioned and I just needed a little more to accomplish the goal. If you chose to work with the supplements above, I would not encourage you to expect immediate results. Bringing a level of health to your body may take time.

Another aspect of NRT testing revolves around the amount of supplements you may be taking. It is my experience that a large number of individuals take supplements in general---wherever they may be purchased from. If a person is mentally prone to take supplements, then usually the more problems an individual is working with the more supplements they take. This also holds true if you are going to an NRT practitioner. Individuals with many weak organs or problems in a number of other fields often require a large number of supplements to treat each issue. It is not uncommon for an NRT practitioner to recommend you take all the supplements you tested positive for. Unfortunately, this in itself can be the catalyst for another serious problem. Taking to many supplements at one time.

It may surprise you to know that taking to many supplements at one time can be just as bad, if not worse, than taking no supplements. More than once taking to many supplements, or taking a supplement after my body has reached the maximum level of that supplement it needed, has caused my pain to go up. I encourage each individual taking a lot of supplements to take a days dose of the required amount and put them all in a baggie. If you are not testing strong with all of them at the same time, then you need to cut back. This is not always easy to do when your are taking tablets or capsules. None the less, this is what I accomplished with the additional protocol step I serendipitously stumbled onto. That is, the second round of retesting my supplements again after I have mixed all the required dose determined in the first round of testing. Thus the certainty that I will be taking the right amount I need at that time of testing. It is my experience that NRT practitioners stop after the first round of testing.

Aside from my wife or a ranch hand I use for my own NRT testing at home, my NRT practitioner is Dr. Peart who I believe is well rounded in this field. Dr. Peart has an immense arsenal of testing supplements supplied by more than one company. With all that the good doctor has, the supplements I used and the mixing protocol I came up with were, I believe, just as new to him as they were to me. When requested, I have made my testing kits available to Dr. Peart.

My Pledge to anyone with TN.

To the best of my knowledge Dr. Peart charges $125.00 for an initial examination. If you make an appointment with Dr. Peart and request to also be tested with the 49 different supplements I have made kits for, I will, upon request through the doctor, make those 49 kits available to his office for your examination.

Reason on the following: No one knows the exact supplements your body needs. While science has come up with the general nutritional needs of all individuals, individual needs are undetermined. The broader the range of supplements you test with, the greater the chance of finding supplements your body needs which may lower or eliminate your TN pain. I currently test with 49 supplements. In the near future I am going to increase that number.

Furthermore: If it is determined that any of those 49 supplements would be beneficial for you, I will make those supplements in the quantities you need, through the doctors office, available to you free of charge. Additionally, I would be more than happy to share the protocol I developed with your health care provider. If you send me their number through this site, I will call them and share any information I can. My heart goes out to anyone who suffers the horrible effects of Trigeminal Neuralgia. I can't think of anything more I can do to help.

Dr. John A. Peart D.C.

1875 E. Alluvial Ave., Suite 103

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Aside from his own practice, Dr. Hussar devotes a reasonable amount of time on the lecture circuit helping others understand the value of Cavitation Surgery and Ozone Therapy. If you wish further information on Cavitation Surgery or Ozone Therapy, you may contact Dr. Hussar by email;

Dr. Christopher Hussar

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I see you are no longer a member, through choice, I don't know but NRT sounds like another name for applied kinesiology. I agree diet can play a big role but the role of NRT/ AK using manual muscle testing in my mind not good, especially as there are cheap machines that can record this info instead of I think it feels stronger/ weaker from the practitioner. Why the reluctance of these practitioners to use the machines? besides the obvious.