Part 2 -- Supplements and Diet help reduce or eliminate pain

Rule 4 --- Whenever possible, reduce or eliminate the intake of any

Medication you may be on.

When you are having a TN attack, or worse yet your TN pain has reached a chronic, 24/7 type situation, an individual simply needs to take or do whatever will stop the pain short of suicide. Generally speaking, medicine is designed to target a specific situation. What medicine is not usually designed to do is give nutritional value such as vitamins or minerals. Keeping this though to the fore, try and reason on medications with the following illustration in mind.

* Imagine whatever meal or dish you can think of. You really like the flavor of this dish, but you know it is really junk food. There is either very little or no nutritional value in that dish. Once consumed, your body has to go through the process of filtering and eliminating those contaminants from your system. If all went well, you were psychologically satisfied and that was pretty much the extent of it. I know I have over simplified the illustration but I hope it makes my point.

* What happens when you take medicine. For all practical purposes it has no nutritional value. Viewed from a nutritional perspective, medicine might as well be junk food. Your body has to go through the process of filtering and eliminating those contaminants from your system that were contained in that pill, which your body did not need. Speaking of pain medicine though, what does it do? If your at all lucky, or perhaps I should say unlucky as inthe case of TN, medication brings much needed pain relief. Maybe.

Illegal drugs such as Crystal Meth, Crack Cocaine, LSD, and so on all cross the "blood brain barrier." When these drugs are in your system, on a molecular/cellular level elements of these drugs stay locked into our bodies. Not even fasting will rid our bodies of some of these toxins. Unfortunately many drugs, whether pain medication or otherwise also cross the "blood brain barrier" and on a molecular/cellular level elements of these drugs also stay locked into our bodies. Over time we continue to have a toxic buildup. This toxicity will have a direct effect, not only on our over all health, but can also seriously effect our vervous system.

When you think back about the illustration of one drop of cyanide in a glass of water, you understand the danger. In a similar way, decades of experience have taught me that junk food and most medications should be viewed with the same raised eyebrows. Always remember this two part goal. 1) Put the healthiest food and nutrients into your body you possibly can. 2) Do your utmost to eliminate or minimize all junk food including foods that have little or no nutritional value including medication whenever possible. Never forget, IN MOST CASES IT TOOK US DECADES TO DEVELOP ILLNESSES. A few months of eating well will not undue decades of neglect.

You may be thinking that this has nothing to do with TN. But it really does. TN pain is in its simplest form is nothing more than nerve pain. The lack of health brings on --- or adds to pain in many ways. And this brings us to our next important rule.

Rule 5 --- Reduce Inflammation.

About eight or nine years ago I was reading some articles where they were having success reducing TN pain by giving patients anti-inflammatory drugs. I did not take the anti-inflammatory medications as I was on to many medications already. The import of the articles struck a familiar cord as there is no end to the publications that speak of the damage or illnesses brought on by inflammation. I started taking a hard look at foods and supplements that help reduce inflammation.

A greater percentage of the supplements I take now have anti-inflammatory properties and this may be one of the critical factors in the elimination of my pain. Unfortunately most of the medications we take do not work toward reducing inflammation which is one of the reasons I always try and recommend the reduction or elimination of medications.

Rule 6 --- Maintain a healthy body weight for your age and height.

At one time or another we have all been in a vehicle going up hill. We have noticed that the vehicle works harder, possibly lugging down. Perhaps we have also experienced towing a trailer up a steep grade. The reality is that you can hitch up to a load big enough where your vehicle won't have the power to pull it up hill.


Organs quit functioning efficiently and our health becomes seriously compromised. It is very difficult, if not impossible to heal your system under these circumstances. Much can be read about the negative effects of having to many extra pounds.

Your mouth. Root Canals and Cavitation surgery.

After bouncing around for a few years at over 3,000 mg of medication per day, I heard about Dr. Hussar in Reno. I sent him some of my x-rays. He informed me that cavitations were visible in the x-rays where I had my wisdom teeth removed decades ago. We made arrangements to have the cavitations cleaned. After this procedure, my medication level ranged between 900 to 1,300 mg per day. This was like having a chance at life again, however I was still on a lot of medication. If you look on the internet under cavitation, there will be ghastly pictures of jaws where the deadly poison the in cavitation pocket has eaten the jaw bone. As I started speaking to different doctors about my experience, I found one doctor at UC San Francisco in his late sixties who knew what a cavitation was and why the surgery was needed. Aside from Dr. Hussar, I did not find anyone in the dentistry or medical profession who knew anything about cavitations.

Why was I interested in getting the cavitations cleaned, BECAUSE CAVITATIONS CAN CAUSE TRIGEMINAL NURELGIA.

So how does a cavitation start, and why is it so deadly? A cavitation usually starts with the pulling of a tooth. This happens when the periodontal ligament (the tough fibrous tissue) that holds the root of a tooth to its bony socket, fails to break down and disappear during the healing process. Whatever bacteria and toxins were trapped in the periodontal membrane remain in the jaw as a chronic infection.

When a tooth removal proves necessary, just pulling the tooth is not enough. Dr. George E. Meining D.D.S., F.A.C.D. recommends that after the tooth has been removed, slow speed drilling with a number 8 round burr should be used to remove one millimeter of the entire bony socket, including the apex area. The purpose of this procedure is to remove the periodontal ligament and the first millimeter of bone, as they are usually infected with bacteria and the toxins that live in the dentin tubules. The periodontal ligament is always infected, and most of the time the adjacent bone is likewise diseased.

On the average, a tooth has about three miles of dentin tubules. The tubules are about 2.5 microns in diameter and are magnified anywhere from a thousand times to "several thousands of times" depending on how well they have to be viewed. The bacteria and microorganisms in these tubules can be responsible for a vast number of degenerative diseases. Antibiotics have no way of reaching the bacteria in the teeth because they are locked inside the tubules which make up the dentin of teeth. What is not completely clear is how the bacteria and microorganisms that are in the tubules also find their way into the surrounding root, bone and periodontal ligament where they are also found. Bacteria and germs that live in the mouth easily enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body. In their escape from teeth, the germs involved act much like cancer cells which metastasize to other parts of the body. These germs, bacteria/micro-organisms migrate throughout the body and infect the heart, kidneys, joints, nervous system, brain, eyes, in fact any organ, gland or tissue can become involved.

In recent years doctors have realized the mouth, heart and brain connection when it comes to bacteria, germs and other forms of micro-organisms. However I feel the real impact misses most in the professional field. It shouldn't. In 1923 Doctor Weston Price released 1174 pages of data that included pictures and charts. This was the culmination of some 25 years of work by a team of more than 60 of the nations leading scientists and doctors. This group included Dr. Charles Mayo who started the Mayo Clinic; Milton Rosenau, Professor of Preventive Medicine, Harvard University and so on. They were able to show definitively that infections in the mouth had a direct connection to any number of infections or illnesses individuals suffer from. To read a summary of Dr. Prices work, to learn how infections in the mouth cause Trigeminal Neuralgia and read case history of how cavitation surgery cured TN, I would highly recommend reading ROOT CANAL COVER-UP by George E. Meinig. After reading this book, another book of interest would be BEYOND AMALGAM, The Hidden Health Hazard Posed by Jawbone Cavitations by Susan Stockton.

In part three of this series, we will take a closer look at how supplements have helped me overcome TN.

Thanks for Part 2 Tanny. Looking forward to the next