Part 1 -- Supplements and Diet help reduce or eliminate pain

Rule 1 --- Eliminate physical contact with --- including not inhaling any

Chemicals or Hazardous materials.

Chemicals will leach into our bodies with nothing more than skin contact. Your lungs are also another conduit. House-hold air freshener, hair spray or any number of the many household aerosols contain one or more types of poison that can effect our nerves or other organs in our bodies. Organs quit working effectively or fail. Our nerves generally respond by delivering pain.

1. Most will agree that a healthy body will heal faster than an unhealthy body. The disagreement usually starts when we focus on what types of foods or supplements lead to a healthy constitution.

2. Most of us realize that we are not all the same. Therefore what works for one person will not necessarily work for another individual.

3. A number of factors make our individual bodies different and often unique such as; a) What we inherited from our parents; b) What type of foods we spent most of our lives eating; c) What type of dust or chemicals we worked with, were breathing at one time or another, or were in contact with that leached into our skin; d) The type of injuries or surgeries we may have had during our life time; e) The type of infections we contracted during our lifetime, and the list goes on. THESE PLAY A VITAL ROLE IN -- How we get well, What it takes to get us well, and Weather we can even get well or the degree of wellness we may achieve.

4. Another vital factor is our own determination and ability to stick to a positive routine no matter how much we are tempted to go off course.

The tools I often use in an illustration are; 1) a glass of water and; 2) one drop of cyanide. At first glance everyone will drink the glass of water. How many will drink the glass of water after you put one drop of cyanide in it? No one will drink the water with cyanide because your life is at stake. Unfortunately "most people don't get it" that what goes into our body, if not proper and in harmony with our body, can have just as devastating effect on us as that one drop of cyanide. The difference is that with the cyanide you can usually count the rest of your life in minutes or seconds. When it comes to an improper diet, contact with bad chemicals or lack of proper supplements our bodies need to survive and thrive, we may go years before we pay the price. Because of that length of time, people usually lose the mental urgency to pay attention every day to every drop of food or surroundings we are in contact with. In an effort to drive this point home, I would like to recount a true story.

Rule 2 --- Your diet must be as natural and healthy as you can possible make

make it.

When I was about five or six, the family business was located in Fresno County. There was a gentleman who use to come out to the farm and visit my father and uncles. He was very sick. After not seeing him for quite some time, my family assumed he had died. However many months later he came back for a visit and was just as healthy as anyone could be. The big question was, What did he do to get well? The gentleman explained that he had heard of a health doctor in Texas who he went to see. For several months he stayed at that health clinic. The treatment consisted of eating salads, fruits and many kinds of vegetables, drinking fresh squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, fasting where all you did was drink distilled water, and all of this without the spices, dressings and junk food we may commonly be used to.

The families thought immediately went to my grandmother. Her dresser was full of pill bottles. She had glasses so thick it would not have been out of line to refer to them as coke bottle glasses. Her arthritis was so bad that my family at times would get up in the middle of night and help my grandmother out of bed and walk her to the other side of the bed because she could not roll over because of the pain. Needless to say it was not long before they took her to Texas. As far as I can remember, I did not see my grandmother for about 4 or 5 months. When she came back home, she needed no glasses. Not even to read fine print. The arthritis was completely gone. While we never became vegetarians, my families attention immediately focused on eating health foods, fasting and dieting. My grandmother lived to be 94 and was still driving a car three days before she passed on.

I tell this short story to try and emphasize the health benefits and value of a proper diet and healthy foods. Over the decades we have had the opportunity to experience many other stories like my grandmothers. The diet she was on, the one my family adopted, this type of organic food and healthy eating is quite different than the standard American diet whatever that is. It would also be vastly different than the diet most doctors would suggest you eat.

Rule 3 --- Exercise is essential for a healthy body.

The only advise I can give that would apply to everyone in general is that exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy body. Exercise alone can reduce pain. Exercise may be as simple as walking around your house, or doing sit-ups or some other form of simple exercise. It does not need to be a grueling routine at the gym. It has been my experience that a body that lays dormant will increase in pain. Everyone has to determine their own exercise routine.

In my case I found that it was very difficult to exercise when I was in agony with TN pain that was nearly without letup. I also found that there were many exercises that I could not do because the physical act of exercising would cause the pain to flare up. I had to look for exercises that would not cause a flare up of the pain. Unfortunately there were times when any movement was the equivalent of the worst agony one could imagine and therefore, I could not exercise.

Part 2 to follow soon.