Living With Facial Pain

Paleo vs Low Saturated Fat diet

I am still new to all this and have been reading a lot of different opinions and posts regarding the change in diet to reduce / cure TN. Some suggestions revolve around Paleo while other swear by Low Saturated Fat diet. Gluten-free seems to be a 50/50 split
What do you say about this? Any suggestions?

I don’t know but I think doing stuff that will help your nerves heal is a good start.I am using bottled spring water now and trying to drink a lot of it.
I am also thinking of getting a hair analysis to see if I have a build up of any heavy metals.
I think it also matters whether you have TN or the TN2 (which,really is so different than TN).It is like you have something wrong with your arm and it is tendinitis and something else wrong and it is called tendonitis2.Not very helpful at all.
Hoping you find the trick that works for you.
It would be nice if a university student would use some of us as research cases so that all the little bits of hope that we can glimmer from each other makes it’s way to the medical profession.

Ohh, this is right up my alley! I am very much into nutrition and using it to try and heal the body.

From everything that I have read (a lot!), I personally believe that Paleo principles are the best guidelines to follow, to eat a species appropriate diet for humans, and have optimum health. I have not been able to give up dairy, so my diet is actually more Primal. I also do eat some grains (organic corn primarily) now and then, and even indulge in gluten at times (pizza is my downfall!). My diet is high fat, moderately low carb.

There are so many nutrients that are in animal products, (such as B vitamins, amino acids, glucosamine, chondroitin, etc…) that are hard to obtain any other way. If we eat them the way they are meant to be eaten (whole fat, whole egg, the entire animal) you will be eating quite a bit of saturated fat. But if you eat properly raised meat and dairy, such as pastured meat, dairy from pastured cows, eggs from pastured chickens, you will get less saturated fat and higher Omega-3 fats. Certainly eating a lot of vegetables and some fruit is important.

I’ve gone gluten-free for 2-3 weeks at a time, and see absolutely no difference in my health or ATN symptoms. But it is not that difficult to do. I should try going dairy free (true Paleo), but I can’t seem to bring myself to do it.

Unfortunately I have to say, even though I am very healthy, look good for my age and in good physical condition, I have not been able to cure ATN with my diet. At least I know I am doing what I can, but it is very frustrating!

Along the lines of natural healing, you might also want to check out avoiding neurotoxins and stress reduction techniques.