Pain worse on meds?

So I’ve been taking baclofen with limited relief however every week or so I’ve noticed a new flare up in pain, and the dose keeps increasing. I’ve also recently started low dose amitriptyline and from last night I’ve noticed a huge flare. I’m wondering if any of you have had this effect? Is it the meds making the pain worse or is it one of those situations where it gets whole lot worse before it gets better? I’m very interested in hearing your experiences with medication especially baclofen and amitriptyline. Sadly I know these things take time to work but it’s confusing how it keeps flaring despite being on medication:(

Dr Ken Casey addresses this issue in his 2-hour video, linked from near the top of our main page. Many TN patients find over time that previously useful meds become ineffective. There are known neurological mechanisms that cause this outcome. Casey believes that patients are well advised to have surgery before they reach a point of no return when even microvascular decompression doesn't alleviate pain due to long term neurological damage.

Regards, Red