Pain Shield

Has anyone used Pain Shield at home ultrasound therapy successfully to reduce or eliminate pain?

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NUCCA certified only…chiopractic

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I am using it now. Almost 30 days and I have to decide whether to return it or not. So far, no noticeable difference but the study and testimonials show that it takes some people a month or longer to begin relief. Then it is gradual. So $820 bucks - pricey but not when compared to the thousands I have spent on dental procedures, co-pays, meds, etc. In answer to your question, I am sorry to say that the jury is still out for me. I do wake up feeling better (you wear it all night long), but it does not seem to last. Maybe in time it will? I have also cut down on my meds dramatically due to insurance coverage issues. Excuse me if this has been replied to before, as I am brand new to this site!

Testimonials for these devices are very often BOUGHT by the manufacturer, Eatamess. The alternative treatments industry is notorious for that practice. And so far as I know, TENS and deep brain stimulation are the only stimulator procedures certified by Medicare and therefore covered by medical insurance.

I see that in the UK, the Advertising Standards Authority sanctioned the Pain Shield manufacturer in May 2015 for falsely advertising that the Pain Shield could stop TN:

The ad must not appear again in its current form. We told NanoVibronix Inc not to make direct or indirect claims that their product, in the absence of adequate substantiation, could stop trigeminal neuralgia.

I wish I had seen that article before I bought the Pain Shield. I usually do a lot of research, but I guess desperation drove me to buy on impulse, as I have never seen any other device specifically mention TN relief...It has been over 3 months now and I am still wearing it every night, hoping I guess beyond hope that it will eventually make a difference. It's too far along to return it anyway, so another expense incurred and hope squashed.

I'm sorry, Veerod. I hope you have better days ahead soon.

My advice would be NOT to order Pain Shield or any other external stimulator over the Net. Ive heard multiple reports during recent research on these devices, that patients have had additional pain after trying to figure out on their own where to place the electrodes and how to program the device. No external stimulator should be used without supervision by an appropriately trained doctor of medicine.

Regards, Red

I would also advise against purchasing it. I bought it in May and have been using it virtually every night, and I can't say that I have noticed any difference. You do get 30 days to try before you can return it. I kept mine longer, thinking it might eventually work; however still no relief. Also, I contacted the company to see if they will accept a return after 30 days, and didn't even get a response. I have type 2 TN - the constant, crushing pain more than the electric shocks. I don't know what your mother has, or if that makes a difference, but it did not work for me, I am out over $800, and the company does not even respond. Sorry, wish I could report better news.