Pain relief needed for strange “spasm” and pulling feeling

Hi fellow TN warriors,

I already had ATN caused by a wisdom extraction which caused 24/7 dull pain in my teeth which I am managing quite “well” on meds and chewing gum. However, I had a lidocaine injection in my masseter muscle 8 weeks ago and since then I have pain in that exact spot.

The pain pattern is quite odd: I have pain mostly triggered by activities such as eye movement and some other movements but the pain is also some sort of relieved when I walk, cook, sit in a car or pull on the cheek. In addition, when I sit completely still the pain also subsidizes quite often (not always)

Whenever the pain is triggered I feel a some sort spasm and pulling type of feeling. You cannot see this from the outside but that’s what it feels like. Then the basic pain I usually feel regardless in in that spot is a dull pain.

It has become a little better now that the doc added 800mg carbamazepine (next to the 150 mg lyrica) but still very annoying especially regarding the “spasm type of pain

I have tried a lot of creams (baclofen cream, capsaicin cream, cbd cream, galliva cream, muscle heating cream) but up until now best relief is just pulling the cheek, hot and cold pads or a small massage device… > when I pull those away pain is back

Does anyone have any tips for relief I.e. creams or anything else especially regarding the triggers to make life a little more bearable again? This is very much appreciated

Also wondering if anyone else experienced something like this…

I like to use tiger balm. I know some people has trouble using it. Also love my rice wrap. Pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds. Feel better.

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Thanks for the tip, haven’t tried it for this issue so will give it a shot!