Living With Facial Pain

Pain on opposite side

Hi: I had a successful MVD in 2013 for V2 TN on my right side or so I thought. No pain for over 7years. But since the last two months, I have been feeling sporadic twinges on my left side below the jaw. The pain is quite mild for now.

I went to a dentist and they said everything with my teeth and gum looks ok. It has been a while since my initial TN symptoms more than 10y ago so I don’t really remember how the pain started.

Anyone has any history or knowledge of TN recurring on the OPPOSITE side after so many years? I am a 45m now FWIW. Thanks much!

My pain has always been right sided . When I developed left sided pain the dentist also said everything was normal . We kept treating the new pain as Nerve pain until I developed a horrible infection and lost a tooth . It actually had a crack they had missed . My advice would be to get at least one other dental exam down the road

I have known of people having pain on the opposite side of their face. TN, while rare, can happen on both sides of the face, even at a later date. I pray that I am wrong at this point for you and that it might be something else. It is best to get an appointment with a neurologist to find out for sure. If they use a MRI, make sure it is one using a CISS, VIBE, FIESTA, or similar protocol. A regular MRI will not show anything related to TN.

I had MVD in 2015 and have been fine since. Over the last year, I periodically have from mild to severe pain on the opposite side. Symptoms are very similar to the original diagnosed TN. Since it seemed to be in conjunction with a mild outbreak of shingles on the same (new, right) side, I chalked it up to that. Taking acyclovir in higher doses SEEMED to alleviate the pain, which it would not do if TN. However, since it also seems to be getting worse when it happens, I made an appointment with a neurologist and had an MRI scheduled, which has been derailed by the pandemic for now. The pain is different in that I can go for months without having any, and then when I do, it seems to last about 3 weeks. This is much different than when I had TN pain. It also seems to be when that nerve is aggravated, either by a shingles outbreak, a cold, or in the last instance when I had a skin lesion removed. Hopefully, we can be more definitive after an MRI. If nothing else, we’ll eliminate the possibility of a tumor. Good luck to you.