Pain management appointment 6 months apart?

I went to the new neurologist at pain management yesterday when all went so-so until after the appointment whe the receptionist gave me the scripts and noticed the codeine that we had agreed to was reduced by 90%.I caught that and receptionist went back and had her change it-but not to the amount we agreed-but I thought OK-I will try for a couple months.
When I tried to book an follow up appointment the receptionist said in 6 months.
To me that is not acceptable.
She wants me to try lamotrogine-which I am OK with.\She cannot do ganglion blocks-hoping to learn in next few years.

How does this stuff work with other people?
I am just so frustrated.Want to be out of this pain,but half a year of my life will be gone before I see her again and no chance of a nerve block-even a trial.

Absolutely not!

First why was your prescription not what you agreed on? I understand a typo the first time and have had it happen and have caught it in the office like that but the corrected one should have been what you discussed.

Second do you even have enough pain meds for six months?

Third you are trying a new daily med, in my opinion you should be back in the office to discuss/review in three months. What if it doesn’t work? You’re to go months with nothing? Although truth be told I have hopes for you with that med, at least for me it worked well and I can’t do those antidepressants or tricyclens either.

If you want to be seen in two or three months why are they not seeing you? I don’t get it. I think six months is reasonable once you’re established on working therapy but not out of the gate like this.

Oh yeah — and she needs to refer you to someone who does do blocks and can discuss such options with you. What? Because she’s not trained you can’t have it done? That makes no sense. I’m all wound up on your behalf! Geesh!

Thanks Azurelle
I am in Canada.
Our system can be a bit weird.But-come on
My pain management sister nurse is shocked,too.She is retired though.
Meeting with my family doctor on Friday to discuss options.
Don’t let your mouth hurt over this.
I too wanted to try that drug-but I will know if something works or has intolerable side effects after one month.