Pain levels change

Why is it that the Trigeminal nerve pain varies from moment to moment? Part of the day the pain is dull at a 2 or 3. Then for no reason that I can figure out it may jump to a searing 9 or 10.

Hi! Yes, I know what you mean. I also have the same problem and the pain goes from one place to the other. You may have typical and atypical TN. Enjoy the not so painful times. Mary

My attacks have always varied in intensity. Individual attacks are always brutal. My rhythm attacks (e.g. An attack every 5 seconds for a couple of minutes) will vary. Usually the first few are brutal, then slightly less. I always say that my body uses up its electricity and has to recharge.

I have TN2 and I find that I’m usually good up until 11 am every day. 11-3 is questionable but usually manageable. Dinner time on is dreadful. I try to get out in the beginning of the day. Are your attacks always at a certain time of day?

I believe it has to do with stress levels. I have found that at the end of the day when I am a bit more TIRED I am much more susceptible to TN attacks. I found if I find ways to RELAX at those times it can become better. I have learned a number of ways to relax including Valium, alcohol, MJ or sometimes just breathing deeply. Don’t shun anything that will invoke a relaxation response. Good Luck

I have GPN and mine has always done that. 3 years and counting.