Pain, Eye Twitch, and Pinching

I'm new to this group, and I'm unable to get search to work, It keeps coming back saying no posts were found. So, I'm sorry if this is redundant. I'd like help with search if you can show me how.

My pain is not severe. It isn't perfectly controlled, but I've only been in drop down cry it out, too much pain to drive to the ER, not enough sense to call a cab pain.(That was the night I woke up shocked that I could be in so much pain. On a pain scale, I'd say I was about an 8, worse than child birth for me) (this is the pain scale I am using to describe my experience)

Since then, I've hovered between a 2-6 depending on how well my meds are working, and what is going on during the day. I'm a stay at home mom and a photographer.

The air conditioning sets off eye twitches. I have to wear glasses or sunglasses when I drive if I don't want to twitch. It is a visible twitch. My family brushes this off as not a big deal, it happens to them when they are tired. However, it happens to me whenever I touch my face, take a shower, or experience air conditioning. Thankfully, it is just a twitch, and not pain. And oddly, my hair, and wind are not triggers for me.

The gabapentin controls the pinching in my cheek. I had a kindergarten teacher that used to pinch my cheek whenever she caught me sucking my thumb. I now have her hanging off my cheek quite often. If I forget to take my meds on schedule, I think to myself, "Oh, Mrs. Springer is back, pinching me again" and I take my meds (It is catch up if I get the pinch). Again, the pinch is not a big deal until 4 hours later, when it is still being pinched. I ask friends and family to grab their cheek and hold on. They let go after about 15 seconds. I then remind them that I can't let go. That I have that feeling all the time. They agree that that is annoying.

Those symptoms are annoying. They aren't devastating. They don't affect my quality of life severely. They just are annoying. I wouldn't even be on meds to stop them, as they aren't so life altering.

But, if I don't... by 4pm my ear just aches. Aches like someone jabbed an eraser side of a pencil deep into my ear canal. Annoying enough that I'd register it as a 5 on the scale I gave. Annoying enough that I just sit in a chair and can't deal with parenting anymore. Annoying enough that I avoid social interactions in the evening, and hide in another room when it gets too loud.

If I don't sit in another room? I can't even sit next to someone with a loud voice, as the stabbing starts. I say it is like the sharp end of the pencil jabbing in. It comes and goes, but it hurts to a level 6. I just go to bed at that point. Vicodin doesn't touch the pain. If I stay on my meds, I can avoid most of these. They were happening frequently in the evening. However, they never happen when I'm at the beach (Which I'm so incredibly thankful for).

My questions are...

How do you control the twitch?

And, I know that I should thank my lucky stars that I don't get level 8 pain on a daily basis. Are there any of you with "Mild, but annoying, and slightly life altering" cases here? I'm not able to do as much as I'd like, as by the end of the day I'm spent.

And, in your experience, do doctors dismiss you if you aren't a severe case?

I've also experienced that I get very bad/worse ear pain if I go underwater. Doing underwater shoots where I dive down 50-100 times (only 1-3 feet under) causes such severe pain. No divers believe me, they say this is impossible. My ENT found nothing structurally wrong that causes this. I just last week sold my underwater camera equipment because I can't say no if someone asks me to shoot, and I can't stop myself from putting my face down in the pool. Any one here experience pain when going underwater?

So, while it might be a "mild" case, I've had to give up what I love to do, and I'm so spent by the end of the day, that I can't do as much work as I would like on my photography.

Oh wow! I cannot say I understand all that you are going through, but I feel awful for you! I know when my pain wasn't as severe, it was super hard to get help. I would suggest that you let your doctor know that the pain is affecting your quality of life. Sometimes those words can work magic.

I do understand having the pain get worse in the evening and all I wanted to do was sit in my chair and have no one touch or talk to me. That is incredibly hard as a parent.

Have you seen a neurologist? After all the doctors that I saw, that is who helped me the most.

I really hope there is someway to get you back to feeling much, much better!