Pain behind ear

It's the exact same burning, aching, pressure, stinging feeling, but just behind my ear towards the back of my head.

Does anyone else get this?

I think my neck might just be knotted up and making my muscles hurt, but I was curious!

If the pain is within an inch of the ear, then the nerve affected is probably the trigeminal nerve. If further back, then you might be having either (a) referred pain in muscle spasms, or (b) some effect in the occipital nerve rather than the trigeminal nerve. Might be the very same process. The two nerves emerge within millimeters of each other along the brain stem.

Regards, Red

Oh It’s definitely within an inch of my ear. It’s super sensitive to touch, also.

Hi Cassie,

Yes, I experienced the same pain just behind my ear. And I was wondering just like you if it's connected to the Trigeminal nerve.

Cassie, I get shocks right above and behind my ear. Shoots down into the ear. Super tender to touch! The next day after a flare of shocks in this location, I can't even touch my hair in that spot. I have many different manifestations of my Type2 ATN, this is just one of the surprises my ATN dishes out to me regularly. I hope you can get a handle on your pain, Cassie.


Hi Cassie, that is how my TN started, with ear pain. Thought I had an ear infection. But looking back, I always had trouble when sleeping on this side (LHS) for many years and thought I had slept on my earlobe and stopped the flow of blood. I would wake up in the middle of the night with searing pain which would then go away. Who knows maybe all these episodes were the start of this condition. Now, the flare up starts with ear pain, deafness/fullness in the ear - I've been for 2 hearing tests and the second one showed a bit of a dip in my hearing which the ENT was concerned about. I also have pain in the back of my head, just below my skull.

Yes, but this behind the ear has been for about a year and a half. Before, it was just the side. Do you get pressure and popping in your ear? very sensitive to sound?